State of emergency officially ends in East Timor

With the end of the state of emergency, and without the parliament having yet decided whether or not to prolong it, several crucial government diplomas expire with the measures that were in place to contain the disease.

In force since March 28, the state of emergency has allowed the Government to apply several restrictions, including the closure of borders and the suspension of public transport, measures that are now officially out of force.

A request for its extension for another 30 days was approved by the Government last Monday, was sent to the President of the Republic the next day and on Wednesday it had the positive endorsement of the State Council and the Superior Council for Defense and Security.

The head of state, Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, sent the request for authorization for the extension to parliament on Wednesday, but the leaders’ conference to schedule it only took place on Friday and the debate was only scheduled for Monday.

The state of emergency also ends without the main socio-economic measures designed by the Government having entered into force and which until today have not yet been sent for promulgation by the President of the Republic.

This is the case with a remuneration supplement for medical staff, security forces and other sectors who are involved in the front line of the fight against covid-19, also approved on March 22, but which has not yet been sent to the head of State.

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