“State of Mind” is Pedro Peres’ debut EP

“State of Mind” is the debut EP of the musician Pedro Peres, which has the musical production of MRoger.

A work that includes a sound journey through 5 themes, where the order of the songs allows the listener to reflect on the various stages of a relationship, until we feel full again in our state of mind, the conceptual idea that was at the base of the photograph of cover by Pedro MKK: we are focused on the present, behind us we have the past and in front of us the future, on a road that seems to have no end. Sung in the Anglo-Saxon language, “State of Mind” explores the sounds of Pop, Indie, and R&B, demonstrating a plurality of styles and musical versatility that allow Pedro Peres a prominent place in the new school of national Pop musicians.

The reflection of “State of Mind” begins with the theme “Traffic Lights”, precisely the single with which Pedro Peres made himself known. In “Traffic Lights”, we learn how to live life fully and without regrets after a breakup. We want to feel the world in a single moment. Carpe Diem. “Riverflow”, the next track, is an attempt to find ourselves again on an emotional level. Through introspection, we realize that the good memories are those that stay with us and we feel the hope that the future will be able to smile again. Halfway through the EP, in “Jaded”, we have flashbacks to the frustrated moments of the failed relationship. We remember the “tiredness” we felt at that time and what made us choose to change. We recognize that we can no longer change the past.

Arriving at “Truth”, the new single by Pedro Peres, we find that the inner work has the intended effect: we find ourselves. On this journey of self-knowledge, we realize that, in fact, we are exactly where we have to be and that difficult times are part of the path.

In “Lovers”, the theme with which Pedro Peres closes his debut EP and which was also worked on as a single, we finally reached the fullness of our state of mind, and the experience of previous stories brought us maturity. We feel able to share our intimacy with a new love that rekindles the flame of desire.

About Pedro Peres
Pedro Peres is 27 years old and is part of a global movement that draws inspiration from Pop, R&B, and Indie Folk.

At the age of 8, he discovered an interest in music and began studying at the Conservatório de Música do Porto, where he would later complete the 8th degree in Classical Guitar. At the age of 18, he composed his first songs.

In a life divided between top-level sport and music, at the age of 20, he moved to Lisbon and started composing for national artists (Slow J, Papillon, Fumaxa). In 2022, he releases the first single under his own name, “Traffic Lights”, which will end up being part of the debut EP. Earlier this year, he unveiled a little more of the EP with the single “Lovers” to, now, edit “State of Mind”. Pedro Peres signs a surprising debut EP and proves to be one of the greatest promises of new music made in Portugal, seeking to break musical barriers. Gift music made with heart.

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