Stereossauro presents new single featuring Aurea

The DJ and producer Stereossauro has just released the new album “Desghosts & Arrayolos”.

In this work, Stereossauro brings together a group of guests of excellence and representatives of the diversity of Portuguese music, in a perfect balance between female and male voices: New Max [Expensive Soul], Xtinto, Aurea, Manel Cruz, Marisa Liz & Carlão, Blaya , MC Zuka, Sara Correia, Ricardo Ribeiro, Selma Uamusse, João Pedro Pais, Maria Emília, Ana Bacalhau and Mitó.

After the singles “A Noite” with Marisa Liz and Carlão and “Pensão do Amor” with Blaya – two eclectic and daring collaborations, a reflection of Stereossauro’s wide creative and artistic freedom, now comes the single “Mais Que Tudo” with Aurea.

Directed and produced by Phillip Reese, “Mais Que Tudo” was interpreted by the director as “a theme of love, but a love with fear”. From there, the concept of the video was developed, which Phillip explains in this way: “The voice tells us an internal anguish of a desire tinged with fear of what is to come. In the video I wanted to avoid the cliché of a traditional love story and also wanted to elevate Aurea’s character with a more active and less passive arc – owner of her own destiny and Stereosaurus, “the driver” is what guides the music metaphorically in the car and musically in the production of it. Both lead us to an ambiguous conclusion just as love is sometimes in life”.

This theme also represents the realization of an old dream of Stereossauro himself: to make a love song. In the words of the DJ and producer, Aurea could not have been a better partner for this mission and this creative and artistic understanding that emerged between them from the first moment is visible in this new video.

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