Stereosaurus rocks again with ‘Desghosts & Arrayolos’


The Capitólio Cineteatro was too small to see and hear the new album ‘Desghosts & Arrayolos’, which Stereossauro, premiered in Lisbon in the company of many guests.

It was DJ Ride, who opened the stage, and ‘warmed up’ the audience that was present at the Capitólio, for what would come next, a night at Stereossauro, with light, good music that invites dancing, a music party in Portuguese from beginning to end of the night.

Stereossauro @ Capitólio ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews > 20211106

The guests added even more ‘color’ to an already fantastic concert, the strength of Selma Uamusse, the phenomenon Manel Cruz, the sweetness of Áurea, a great voice of fado Sara Correia, the fascination of Blaya, but also the pleasant novelty of Xtinto, MC Zuka and Sr. Preto.

Of course, ‘Bairro da Ponte’ was not forgotten and some of its themes were shown at the Capitol, the highest moment was ‘A Noite‘, with Carlão and Marisa Liz, which filled the stage with joy, with their unique voices, accompanied by music by Stereossauro with DJ Ride, Nuno Oliveira and Bruno Fiandeiro.

Stereosaurus returned to concerts, better than ever, in a room with the audience standing, who received him with open arms, singing, dancing and enjoying what he does so well, music.

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Concert setlist:

Sekeleka – com Selma Uamusse
Saia – com Xtinto
Marde Gente – com Manel Cruz
Flor de Maracujá
Mais que tudo – com Áurea
O Mundo há de ser mais – com Sara Correia
Depressa demais
Barco Negro
Pensão do Amor – com Blaya
Senta – com MC Zuka
FFFF -com Sr. Preto (Chullage)
Nunca Pares
A Noite – com Carlão e Marisa Liz
Verdes Anos remix part 1 e 2 feat. Dj Ride

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