Student Keep Project donates 1,000 computers to schools

Student Keep was a project announced at the end of March and allows anyone with computer equipment available to help students who need it most to attend classes online. The program that belongs to the Portuguese movement tech4COVID19 now announces that it has donated 1,000 computers to schools in a month.

The initiative was first to determine how many students do not have the necessary conditions at home to be able to attend distance classes. Then, Student Keep went through wanting to raise and provide computer equipment to students who need it through a sponsorship system.

The sponsors, or “keepers”, can be individuals or groups and can make the missing equipment available on a temporary or even permanent basis. The project platform gathers information about the material that students need and “keepers” that can help in order to ensure that the equipment does, in fact, reach those who need it most.

In addition to collecting equipment, Student Keep has a team of 140 IT volunteers. Members are responsible for carrying out a technical intervention on the equipment before it is delivered to schools, in order to ensure that they are ready to be used.

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