Study reveals that Portuguese feel frightened by robberies during holidays

The covid-19 outbreak triggered another outbreak in the country: the fear of robberies, as revealed by a study by FIXANDO, in which 57% of Portuguese people fear leaving their home during the holiday period due to the risk of attacks on housing.

Despite the current situation (covid-19), August arrived hot, with an invitation to stroll to the beaches from north to south of the country, which triggered a race for alarms and security systems, with an increase of more than 116% compared to the previous year, according to the platform survey, with homes being the main type of assets where owners use these services (67%).

The study draws attention to the fact that 50% of respondents have no security system installed at home, and are looking for the first time due to concern.

The survey was conducted with more than 500 users and points to an expressive demand for services in the districts of Porto (13%), Lisbon (11%), Braga (11%) and Santarém (11%), with the most significant hires by chambers access (68%), motion sensors (50%), door and window sensors (43%) and smoke alarms (18%).

FIXANDO also informs that a security camera installation costs between €600 and €750, a complete installation of cameras and alarms can exceed €1430, depending on the characteristics of the place and the customer’s preferences.

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