Study with stem cells could reverse motor paralysis

Japanese researchers are using stem cells in four patients.

The Japanese Government has approved the conduct of a clinical study in humans to evaluate the use of pluripotent stem cells in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. The study will be conducted by researchers at Keio University, along with four adults, and will “strengthen the potential of stem cells, which can be stored at the time of delivery for future use”, says João Sousa, Director of Quality of the BabyBee Laboratory.

This clinical study is announced following other pre-clinical and clinical studies already conducted to test the use of stem cells in the treatment of spinal cord injuries.

“In this particular study, induced pluripotent stem cells, which are nothing more than a reprogramming of adult cells, are used to differentiate into stem cells with differentiation potential when injected into the cells and tissues to be recovered”,  explains João Sousa.

Several research groups around the world have given attention to this area in an attempt to find solutions in cell therapies to treat spinal cord injuries.

João Sousa concludes that “this study reinforces that stem cells can be used in the treatment of diseases that are still untreated today, so it is important to consider cryopreservation during pregnancy”.

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