Sun, sand, sea: do not need anything else

The huge beach access steps can be discouraging when you go with children and hats and bags. Thick sand can cause strangeness to anyone who is not warned. And on hot summer days it’s hard to find place to spread the towel. However, despite all this, Praia Dona Ana, in Lagos, is constantly on the lists of the most beautiful beaches in Portugal (and sometimes even the world).

Maybe it’s the rocky wrapping that gives that little cottage comfort. Perhaps it is the transparent sea, almost without waves and of temperature much more pleasant than the beaches of the environs. Maybe it’s the rock, planted there ahead, ready to be the star of all the selfies. Or the way the beach changes depending on the tide is high or low. Or the wooden boats parked in the bay and ready to take us on an exploratory voyage through the caves. Or at the end of the day, the sun begins to disappear behind the rocks that are even more yellowish – here the sun never sets in the sea, but the moment is not less splendid. Especially if accompanied by a glass of very fresh sangria on the terrace.

It is advisable to visit outside the high season. With little luggage. Long time. The rest is with you.

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