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Super Bock Digital Stage

The interactive stage where all the phenomena of the online world fit

After the success of the 2018 edition, the Super Bock Digital Stage is back in the City of Rock with new entertainment proposals, mirroring the evolution of the online world and the new challenges of a digitized world.

From phenomena like TikTokers and YouTubers to Podcasts and Interactive Concerts, the digital stage of all time is loaded with humour and various moments of interaction with the audience, during and between presentations.

In addition to the stage where names like Gilmário Vemba and his special guests will perform; Os Primos; Nuno Agony; Pierre Zago; Lacroix Favela; Toy in an interactive concert; Catarina Miranda with the podcast “Just 5 Minutes More”; Ana Garcia Martins and David Cristina with the podcast “Scene pyjamas”; LookAlike; Mary N; Guilherme Fonseca and Rita da Nova with the podcast “Couple Therapy”; among many others, there is also a Not So Secret Stage – a stage inside the stage, located behind the scenes, where throughout the four days of the festival several content producers, influencers and digital celebrities will meet to celebrate the reunion and feed the feeds of the social networks with exclusive content, where what happens in the backstage will not stay in the backstage.

There is a stage in the City of Rock where everything merges and makes sense. Where the live wins, where we are all more friends. Where entertainment and humour are not surrounded, where the word is not a weapon and where only beer is foamed. A stage in which everyone is a part and no one is barred from the door.

This is the Super Bock Digital Stage, a stage that debuted at Rock in Rio Lisboa in 2018 and which, like the digital universe, has evolved a lot since then, now bringing some of the biggest online phenomena to the City of Rock. Here, nothing – and no one – is left out. There are TikTokers, YouTubers, new entertainment formats like Podcasts, lots of music, even more humour, hours of fun and, above all, interactivity – something only possible thanks to digital technology.

In a digitalized world, where everything moves at the speed of light (or, in this case, the net), there are new challenges that everyone faces – people, companies and societies. From inequality in access to digital tools (according to INE data, two out of 10 Portuguese have never even used the internet), to the need to foster respect and tolerance in digital contexts or the importance of adapting to new languages ​​in order to do so. to be able to evolve and relate, the Super Bock Digital Stage arrives with the mission of demystifying some of these themes, has selected a lineup that takes to the stage what digital has best – connection, proximity, friendship, interactivity, fun, the light, the uncomplicated.

In the last year, digital has evolved the equivalent of five years in just three months. This made us think about how much he has evolved since the last edition of Rock in Rio – in 2018 – and how many new challenges have arisen in the meantime. Portugal is still far below the European average in terms of digital literacy and some of these issues need to be demystified. This is what the Super Bock Digital Stage proposes to do, showing the good side, the fun side of this universe, its potential, its benefits, and raising awareness of the digitized world we already live in”, says Roberta Medina, Vice President Rock in Rio executive.

For Bruno Albuquerque, Marketing Director for Beers and Sponsorships,The Super Bock Digital Stage materializes Super Bock’s commitment to stimulating creativity and friendship without borders between the physical and digital worlds. With this stage, we were able to put on the ground an environment to promote sharing and friendship, where we can provide new experiences and get closer to the public. In addition to reinforcing our connection to the music territory, returning to Rock in Rio Lisboa is a source of great pride for us, and an opportunity to celebrate digital inclusion, where it is really possible we will all be more friends.

One of the great novelties of the Super Bock Digital Stage is the fact that, in this edition, it presents itself as a truly interactive stage. Throughout the day, at different times during and between performances, there will be quizzes, games and games with the audience. It will be common to hear the hosts of this stage – Mariana Bossy and 20Chatear, who will be assiduous in the four days of the festival – or even the artists themselves asking the public to type something on their cell phone or access the app to vote for the song they want to hear. then.

But there’s more: in addition to a lineup full of talent and dozens of performances that will shine on stage, behind the scenes there is a Not So Secret Stage. It is a “stage inside the stage”, prepared to receive different content producers invited daily, as a complement to the programming. A space that contradicts the famous phrase “what happens backstage stays backstage” and that was designed to generate hundreds of content and more hours of entertainment, which everyone will be able to access through social networks.

No one is out of digital these days. We listen to our favourite music on Spotify, watch videocasts and stand-up on YouTube, laugh at the viral dances on TikTok, like the content on Instagram, marathons of series on streaming platforms, and so many other things that accompany us daily. At Super Bock Digital Stage we will bring all this and more to the stage, showing that in digital – as it should be in offline life – no one is left out. There is room for the most recent phenomena of new social media, established artists, comedians, musicians, magicians, dancers, entertainers, from different generations of content production, but with something in common – talent”, explains Luís Soares, responsible for Super Bock Digital Stage.

As mentioned, the Super Bock Digital Stage will not lack phenomena, and it is practically impossible to use this word without thinking of TikTok – the social network sensation. Thus, during the four days of Rock in Rio Lisboa, the group Team BRK will take the stage, made up of some of the biggest Portuguese TikTokers today – Constanza Ariza, Rafael Santos, Leonor Filipa and Rodrigo Alves – promising to make the audience dance to the rhythm of the best choreographies on this platform.

An assiduous presence on every day of the festival will also be Gilmário Vemba, a reference in Angolan humour and in the Portuguese comedy scene. The comedian, who draws heartfelt laughter from the audience, will have a different special guest with him each day, approaching themes from the digital universe and the territory of humour with great humour. This is the case of the comedian who invites Mónica Vale de Gato, who joins Gilmário on June 18 to address the difference in comedy between men and women. Alexandre Santos, who takes the stage on June 19, will reflect on the transition from digital to the stage. On June 25th the conversation will be with Hugo Sousa and here they will talk about comedians in fiction novels.

In addition to the faces that will be on the Super Bock Digital Stage during the four days of the event, it will be possible to watch many more hours of content on stage. Starting on June 18th, Cidade do Rock will receive Iuri and Rui – better known as Os Primos. The duo will take to the stage live reactions, from videos on the internet, with the hilarious record that the fans are already used to, with the difference that this time they don’t do it behind a camera, but in front of thousands of people.

On the same day, Catarina Miranda, another of the digital stars, will also take the stage to present her podcast “Just 5 minutes more” live – a conversation about the other side of people and the stories of her life, which has already passed. in as many areas as radio, television, politics, sport and even science.

Music is, of course, something that cannot be missed on this stage and, therefore, also on June 18th, Rockline Tribe will take the most emblematic party of Rock, Metal, Grunge and Indie to the Super Bock Digital Stage. At the controls will be DJ Izzy, António Freitas, Carolina Torres and Nuno Calado, who promise lots of music and unforgettable memories.

Then comes Miguel Magalhães. Famous for the TikToks he records playing the piano in public, the young musician is ready to show all his talent in front of thousands of people in the City of Rock. Miguel has been playing the piano for over 10 years and currently has over 100,000 followers on his platform.

On the second day of the festival, it’s the turn of the Super Bock Digital Stage to welcome Nuno Agonia, one of the most famous Portuguese technology YouTubers, who promises to surprise fans with a truly special unboxing.

This day will also be marked by the presence on stage of a special artist – the unmistakable Toy, who will show how an artist can reinvent and adapt to new digital tools, taking to the stage an interactive concert during which the public will have the mission to decide which songs the artist will sing.

Also on this day, Pedro Gonçalves and Diogo Costa perform. Both began their musical journey on YouTube and, are currently, already transporting their talent to the offline universe. Pedro Gonçalves debuted as a YouTuber in 2012, where he appeared to cover songs he liked the most. In 2018 he released his first single, “Beija-me“, featuring David Carreira. Among many other successful themes and appearances in television programs, the musician has already won two Gold Records. Diogo Costa, one of the most recognized YouTubers in Portugal, stands out for his vlogs, challenges and musical covers. The artist has also participated in television projects – such as “Factor X”, on SIC – and recently released his first single entitled “Sem Dormir”.

But there’s more! On June 19, Gabriel Ferreira also performs. Entertainer, magician and digital content creator, he began his career in the field of magic in 2017, when he reached the final of a television talent show. Invited to participate in one of the biggest magic festivals in the world, “The Magic Encounters” organized by Luís de Matos (with whom he continues to work to this day), the artist also shares his magic on social media (YouTube, Instagram and TikTok) where It has over 230,000 followers and millions of views.

To end this day, the Super Bock Digital Stage will welcome LookAlike’s double dose of irreverence. Born in Coimbra, the twin sisters who sing and compose their own songs have already released several singles and in June they will bring to Rock in Rio the freshness and passion of a new generation of pop.

The first day of the second weekend kicks off with the live presentation of two podcasts well known to the Portuguese: Scene Pyjama, which brings together on stage one of the best-known faces of digital in Portugal, Ana Garcia Martins, and the comedian David Cristina; and Home Therapy, which takes Guilherme Fonseca and Rita da Nova to the stage of the City of Rock to entertain the public with pranks, jokes and an eternal rivalry between the couple, in a podcast where irritating quirks, questionable personality characteristics and uncomfortable habits are discussed.

Later, the stage is occupied by Mary N, the artist who translates her emotions into the lyrics of her song and combines them with her talent on the guitar, producing a melody to which no one is indifferent. In 2020, the artist won the E! in the music category, by E! Entertainment Portugal, and is currently working on his new album.

On the last day of the festival, it is the turn of the Super Bock Digital Stage to receive an often typed name: Diogo Figueiras, better known as Windoh. The YouTuber promises to surprise the audience by taking his “Secret Project” to the stage.
On the same day, the public will also be able to laugh with the Portuguese-French comedian Pierre Zago, known for his caricatured and catchy reports and who recently starred in a video for the festival in which he took to the streets to invite people to the festival under the motto of “I Go” campaign.
Confirmed on the June 26 poster is also content creator Lucas with Strangers, a young TikToker who aims to make others happy by fulfilling the dreams of people he meets on the street and who has more than a million followers on Tiktok.

This day will also be marked by musical performances. It’s a Trap is already one of the biggest movements of the trap genre in Portugal. The parties of this collective have conquered the country since 2016, bringing together names such as Yuzi, Loner Johnny and Sippinpurpp on stage.

Also confirmed is Favela Lacroix, a Brazilian singer and drag queen who will bring a contagious mix of voice, dance and energy to the stage; and BCKappa, the young Portuguese artist who, according to him, puts everything he has lived through to music.

The Super Bock Digital Stage is co-curated by NewSheet, producers of the renowned Revenge of the 90’s parties, and Milk&Black, one of the Portuguese agencies that have given the most cards in digital entertainment. More names will be announced for this stage’s lineup soon.

Remember that the 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa is scheduled for the 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th of June 2022, at Parque da Bela Vista, and will undoubtedly be a special edition, in which the doors da Cidade do Rock reopen to the public after four years, promising the much-desired reunion with music, entertainment and live life.


Super Bock Digital Stage Manifesto
We were swallowed up by the digital and the virtual world.
Everything happens at the speed of light (in this case, the speed of the net) and it seems that we all have an expiration date.

In the blink of an eye, we are already out of the deck. Puff. Outdated.
Yesterday, millennials were the kings of it all. Today they’ve gone down in history…
Now it’s the boys of the ZZZ generation who are in charge.
We are always looking for the next “the next big thing”. Who remembers myspace? Or the HI5? Then came Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Tik Tok, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, WTF??!!!!!
Now the METAVERSE???? What’s next?????
More fake news?? Shitnews, digital washing, brainless power, no feelings, no guilt, no nothing??
Hashtag #Cancel.
Hashtag #ButNotDesperate.

We need a digital time capsule that takes us back to the future. To a place where everything merges and makes sense. Where the winner is LIVE, Real. Where we are all friends. Where entertainment and humour are not surrounded, where the word is not a weapon and where only beer is foamed.
A place where everyone is a part and no one is barred from the door.
That place exists, and it’s in Rock City. That place is the Super Bock Digital Stage.
Were they all like that.

About Rock in Rio Lisbon 2022

The 9th edition of Rock in Rio Lisboa is scheduled for the 18th, 19th, 25th and 26th of June 2022, with more music and new content. In addition to the World Stage, where stars such as Duran Duran, a-ha, Black Eyed Peas, Ellie Goulding, Post Malone, Anitta, Jason Derulo, among others, will pass, the festival presents a new Galp Music Valley concept whose first names are already confirmed: Linda Martini, Ney Matogrosso, The Black Mamba, Bárbara Tinoco, IZA, Delfins, Moullinex & Xinobi, Mundo Segundo & Sam The Kid, Edu Monteiro, Funk Orquestra and Rebecca. New will also come to Rock Street, the Yorn Stage, a new Continente Chef’s Garden, a new Game Square proposal, new content on an even bigger Super Bock Digital Stage, new entertainment formats at the ESC Online Sports Bar, a new Ferris Wheel BlinkBlink and the return of the 7Up Slide.

Believing that the future is built today, Rock in Rio also intends to reinforce, with this return to Parque da Bela Vista, its commitment to go even further, launching a set of sustainability goals until 2030 that aims to increase its positive impact. on the social, environmental and economic pillars. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the UN, these goals are already beginning to be achieved in the 2022 editions of the festival – in Portugal and Brazil – and they aim, over the next few years, to train 100,000 people, be garbage zero in all editions of the festival (0% waste in landfills), having zero food waste in all editions, involving 100% of the stakeholders in its sustainability policy, being a 100% accessible, inclusive and plural event, and guaranteeing all safety, health and well-being conditions suitable for 100% of those involved in the construction of the City of Rock.

Rock in Rio Lisbon’s official website
Rock in Rio official website in Rio de Janeiro

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