Next November, music fills Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon, with the return of Super Bock in Stock!

New confirmations:

Single ticket, valid for the 2 days of the Festival, is on sale in the usual places, at a special price of €40 until the 15th of October.

November 19th and 20th
Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon

It’s just over a month to the long-awaited return of the Super Bock in Stock and anticipation grows with each passing day. On November 19th and 20th, Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, and its adjacent streets, will once again receive a luxury poster, with some of the best music of the moment. And the three confirmations that follow, each in its own way, are beautiful examples of this. The Super Bock in Stock receives the irreverence of the Mercury Prize nominees at 2020 Sports Team, the best dance song in the special meeting between Moullinex and Anna Prior, drummer for the well-known Metronomy, and the disconcerting Portuguese duo David & Miguel.

The Sports Team are responsible for some of the most electrifying and chaotic performances to be found in the UK today. And it was thanks to this life energy that the band’s fame continued to grow, from the moment they stepped onto the stage for the first time. The group managed to gather a lot of people in mythical places like the Five Bells and the Moth Club, even before releasing any music. And the long-awaited debut album would even arrive in June 2020. “Deep Down Happy” was one of that year’s UK releases and was nominated for a Mercury Prize. After the public, in love with these guitars that are protagonists in the band’s music, the critics also surrendered to the sound produced by Sports Team, calling attention to a happy marriage between Britpop and American alternative rock. The songs reflect the dramas of modern life with all its complexities and also the dilemmas of a youth full of strengths and weaknesses. Songs like “Happy (God’s Own Country)” and “Here’s The Thing” are unpretentious records to be taken very seriously – also by the Portuguese public, in the return of Super Bock in Stock.

It is difficult to talk about electronic music in Portugal without mentioning the name of Moullinex, the alter-ego of Viseense artist Luis Clara Gomes. He increasingly assumes himself as one of the most restless and creative minds in the Portuguese music scene, inviting various musical genres to his music: soul, funk, garage rock and even MPB, all of which serve to enrich Moullinex’s electronics. In his own name, and after two critically acclaimed albums, “Flora” (2012) and “Elsewhere” (2015), Moullinex returned to albums with “Hypersex”, a record that pays homage to the dance culture. “Open House“, “Love Love Love” and “Work It Out” are some of the themes that mark Moullinex’s recent career.

Anna Prior is more than just the drummer for the band Metronomy. She is a DJ known and listened to in her own right. Anna’s monthly radio show “Beat Palace” on London’s Soho Radio has many faithful listeners to her sonic explorations. Anna started her music career 20 years ago, perfecting her art and gaining invaluable experience as an artist in the live music scene. The desire to open her own label grew over the years, which would eventually happen when she founded Beat Palace Records. With the pandemic, Anna Prior found herself with more time to explore new sounds and ideas that would result in the record “Thank You For Nothing” released in this year of 2021.

At the moment Anna lives in Portugal and is also in love with our country. Today she is part of Match Attack, a group to which Moullinex also belongs. Super Bock in Stock challenged them to a unique moment in the festival, in b2b format, a DJ set together. This is a great opportunity to discover new music and explore different sounds, challenging the audience as well as themselves. And, as is well known, challenging and going beyond is part of the identity of Super Bock in Stock, which returns to Lisbon next November.

The meeting between two of the main talents of new Portuguese music could only result in a project as exciting as this one. According to them, the duo David & Miguel (David Bruno and Mike El Nite) is to music what cheese and marmalade are to cooking: an unorthodox delight. After the success of the theme “Accidental Intervenient”, the two artists once again joined forces in “Palavras Cruzadas”, an album with romantic themes, with many stories of disagreements, love, disaffection, suffering and passion in Portuguese style… This record, fully produced by David Bruno, has the voices of Mike El Nite and David Bruno himself, with the guitars of the usual Marco Duarte. “Palavras Cruzadas” is one of the best national records of this year of 2021, thanks to songs like “Inatel”. And this talented duo would have to go through the next Super Bock in Stock, where only the most authentic music of the moment, like the one made by David & Miguel, enters.

Already confirmed

  • Acácia Maior
  • Benny Sings
  • Black Country, New Road
  • David & Miguel
  • Django Django
  • Filipe Karlsson
  • Iceage
  • Leo Middea
  • Miraa May
  • Moullinex b2b Anna Prior
  • Narciso
  • Nena
  • Spots Team
  • Stckman w/ Kyle Quest
  • Wet Leg
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