Super Bock em Stock 2023

In November, new music once again fills Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon

Super Bock em Stock and Filtr Portugal announce partnership for this year’s edition of the Festival.

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November 24th and 25th

Super Bock em Stock, which takes place on the 24th and 25th of November on Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon, and Filtr Portugal announce a partnership for this year’s edition of the Festival.

Thus, the curatorship of the Tranquilidade Stage, located in Garagem EPAl, will be in charge of Filtr Portugal, which brings to Super Bock em Stock names such as Capital of Bulgaria, VSP AST (read “Asian Vespa”), xtinto and Yang, artists that complement this very special Festival, a showcase of talent and trends in national and international music.

Filtr Portugal’s mission is to “facilitate access to relevant content for an increasingly demanding audience and the partnership with Super Bock Em Stock is a natural movement for a platform whose DNA is to connect people to the best of music and entertainment can offer.”

Filtr is a brand that provides playlists, for any occasion or mood, on different digital platforms. The brand’s focus is to focus on the quality of its playlists, offering lists of different genres, curated in line with its audience.

In 2023, thinking about expanding the brand’s presence on other platforms and content, Filtr launched “Filtr By” and “Filtr Convo”, where the first is a unique and exclusive space for artists to perform and the second is a conversation which takes place in the visual world filtered by the Filtr By performance and results from a challenge given to each artist to bring whoever they want with them to have a conversation.

Capital da Bulgária, is the stage name of Sofia Reis, singer, songwriter and producer from Sintra. The artist, recently signed by Sony Music, already has three singles released, “cansada de ti”, “coração em fast” and “escova-de-dentes”, all of which are part of the debut album that will be released later this year. With a unique ability to address what’s in his soul in powerful songs, at the same time communicating with the outside world in a spiral effect of humour and well-honed senses, Capital of Bulgaria has already demonstrated his full potential in writing, voice and even in production. It was in 2021 that he debuted in publishing with the EP “Pequeno-Almoço”, which includes the single “Nuvem”. Lyricist and composer, she likes to start with the lyrics, although most of the time it is the melody that comes first. The stories she tells come from her own experiences, and her talent doesn’t just stop at music or even production. Owner of a multifaceted ability, Capital of Bulgaria has left her artistic mark on all creative processes, from song, design, photography direction and video. She refuses labels for the music she makes and can’t say if she has direct inspirations, however, she does know that everything she consumes feeds her. Names like Yebba, Labrinth, Bill Withers, Bo Burnham, Finneas, H.e.r., Rex Orange County, Victoria Monét, Yuri N5, T-Rex and Salvador Sobral are part of his daily life. Capital of Bulgaria performs at Super Bock in Stock on November 25th.
VSP AST (just like that, stylized with the initials) is the chopped flight by Fernando Gariso, an artist from São Martinho do Bispo, in Coimbra. A student of punk, he draws on references such as Machine Gun Kelly, XXX Tentacion, Juice Wrld and Lil Peep, as well as classics such as Nirvana, Green Day or Linkin Park, to rescue a melodic sound dominated by guitars, drums and contemporary studio production. VSP AST (Asian Vespa) has just released another single, “Stars”, available on all digital platforms and accompanied by a music video, directed by Nurb, also now available on YouTube. After the single “Road Trip”, “Stars” comes to us, with lyrics and music by VSP AST himself, and with a message for someone very special, based on the idea of unrequited love. Indecisive and curious Vespa tries to express what he feels in a letter. Now the question remains whether you will get an answer. The public’s response will arrive on November 25th, at Super Bock em Stock.
From the green slopes of Ourém to the streets of Lisbon’s urban fabric, to stages throughout the country, xtinto’s journey through the Portuguese music scene has been colorful and unique. Born Francisco Santos, the multifaceted artist from Ourense made his debut this year in feature films with the acclaimed project “Latência”. This first album of his is the follow-up to the multiple singles, the EPs Inacabado and Ventre, and the mixtape Odisseia with which he has stirred waters throughout his career in Portuguese music, which began in 2015. From the gold award-winning anthems to the more experimental tracks in the depths of the Portuguese avant-garde sound, xtinto’s journey now looks to the future, in preparation for another project in 2024. xtinto is one of the most promising names in the new generation of Portuguese musicians and plays at Super Bock in Stock, on November 24th.
Singer and producer born in Lisbon, Yang introduced himself to the world of music in 2020 with his first EP “MODUS OPERANDI”, in collaboration with Nanu, a music producer with whom he shares the first steps of the path. “MODUS OPERANDI” is a reflection of the musical diversity that exists throughout the work process and the discovery of an identity. From the mix of tones to rhymes and melodies, you can find themes such as “WWA” or “Ceia” in this project. A year and a half later, the same duo returns presenting the album “Overtime”. It is through 11 songs that the artist, together with Nanu, explores his own reason, as well as his close relationships and the environment in which he is involved. From the catchy choruses to the message as a whole, there are different emotions that can be felt when listening to “Overtime”, making it possible to experience an approximation of the artist. “Vais” was the theme that stood out the most, although the project is quite homogeneous in form and how it was received by listeners. To start 2023, he presented “Não Me Leves a Mal”, “Compensa” and “Fica Pra Além” in collaboration with Sony Music. To date, these three songs already have more than 250,000 streams on platforms digital, and allow us to imagine what the next stop for this artist and his team will be: On November 24th it will be Super Bock in Stock.
Anna Calvi; Azart; Blaiz Fayah; Curadoria Filtr: Capital da Bulgária, VSP AST, xtinto, Yang; Ela Li; Filipe Karlsson; Gilsons; INÊS APENAS; Inês Monstro; Jason Miles; Joana Alegre; João Só convida Capitão Fausto; Kill The Pain; Lip Critic; Mónica Teotónio; Nilson Dourado; O Guettão; Os Senhores; Pons; Psychles;  Sam Tompkins; Soraia Cardoso; Silly; Steam Down, Stckman; Tagua Tagua;  Terra Livre; Valete e os convidados especiais Black Company, Papillon e Moullinex; Will Butler + Sister Squares

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