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Super Bock em Stock!


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Next November, music fills Avenida da Liberdade, in Lisbon, with the return of Super Bock in Stock!

New confirmations:

Single ticket, valid for the 2 days of the Festival, is on sale in the usual places, at a special price of €40 until the 15th of October.

November 19th and 20th
Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon

The coldest season of the year is approaching, but there is at least one reason to warm the hearts of thousands of music lovers, after a year and a half that has transformed everyone’s lives: the long-awaited return of the most beautiful Festival in the city that, from according to the most recent decisions of the Government and the General Directorate of Health, it will return as it always was, with the public filling the Avenue with movement circulating between the different rooms, now sitting attentively, now standing dancing, in rooms that provide different shapes of discovery of new live music, national and international. On November 19th and 20th, the Super Bock in Stock is back, as we always know it, to fill Avenida da Liberdade de Música!

The next three names invite, each in their own way, to the proximity and reunion that promise to mark this year’s edition of the Festival. Lava La Rue, Tomás Wallenstein and Priya Ragu are the latest confirmations for an increasingly unmissable poster.

Lava La Rue was born, grew up and still lives in Ladbroke Grove, West London, a place that is more than a home for the 22-year-old artist, it is a source of inspiration and support for her music, for his career and for the person he is today, as he sang in his debut single, “Widdit”, released in 2018: “City was a mother to me”. In addition to the spirit of the city she lives in, Lava La Rue also has multiple musical influences: punk, britpop, hip hop, jazz, trap and even heavier electronics that she heard so much in her youth, all served for her artistic formation. However, for Lava La Rue, the beauty lies precisely in the blurring of the boundaries between genres that she summons to her music. Lava La Rue never had limits and forbidden themes in the writing of her songs, dealing with the toughest aspects of her upbringing and the huge social inequalities she always noticed around her. Her most recent EP, “Butterfly”, recorded in L.A. and London, was produced by Isom Innis, Dan Holloway and Courage and is perhaps the most intimate of her records to date. “GOYD (Girl Of Your Dreams)” is one of those newer songs that you will be able to hear in Lisbon, next November, with the return of Super Bock in Stock.

The Son of an opera singer and a double bass player, Tomás Wallenstein also revealed his talent in music. Composer and lyricist for Capitão Fausto, one of the most relevant bands in the current Portuguese music scene, Tomás revealed a curiosity for a wide range of instruments from an early age, playing the piano, violin, bass, guitar and even drums. Despite having studied architecture, he soon realized that his true vocation would be on stage. In addition to his career with Capitão Fausto and numerous collaborations, he also stands out for being one of the creators of Cuca Monga, a publisher responsible for launching artists such as GANSO, Luis Severo, Zarco, Reis da República or Menino Ego. After debuting on a single date at Lux, in September of last year, the musician and composer now present a solo concert, on the piano. In an exploratory or even almost academic spirit, the suggested repertoire is a compilation of versions by other authors, composers or poets, who at that moment will gather in each room. By being able to make their voices their own, the intention is to learn from the gesture, but also to insist on sharing ideas and songs that, after being born from a single creator, belong to everyone. And they will also belong a little to the audience present at the next Super Bock in Stock.

Someone with the qualities and particularities of Priya Ragu doesn’t show up every day. His life experience is translated into genuine and distinguished music, a truly global creative vision. She can be described as someone who does R&B, but this is an R&B she’s never heard before: she’s vaguely familiar while seeming unrecognizable and incomparable to anyone else. Her roots in Sri Lanka influence the sound she now presents to the world, bringing to her songs echoes of the dances that sprout in the South Asian streets or the mantras and religious chants of the same culture. After several hit singles such as “Good Love 2.0”, “Chicken Lemon Rice” and “Forgot About”, she has now come to edit her debut mixtape. “damnshestamil” shows an artist who is increasingly in possession of her own language. And the desire to do something different never disturbs Priya Ragu’s pop vocation, capable of songs like “Lockdown”, an anthem to the encounter, to the proximity, to the contact that is so desired after several months away – in other words, an ideal theme to make itself heard in November, on the return of the Super Bock in Stock.

Already confirmed

  • Acácia Maior
  • Benny Sings
  • Black Country, New Road
  • David & Miguel
  • Django Django
  • Filipe Karlsson
  • Iceage
  • Leo Middea
  • Miraa May
  • Moullinex b2b Anna Prior
  • Narciso
  • Nena
  • Spots Team
  • Stckman w/ Kyle Quest
  • Wet Leg
  • Priya Ragu
  • Tomás Wallenstein
  • Lava La Rue

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