Super Bock Super Rock with full program on the Somersby Stage


Super Bock Super Rock is back in Meco, where thousands of music lovers have already been happy, and promises to offer three days of the best music with the best surrounding scenery.

On the 13th, 14th, and 15th of July, one of the obligatory stops for those who enjoy music that takes artistic risks and, at the same time, makes us dance is the Festival’s Somersby Stage. And the lineup for this stage is complete and luxurious, with confirmations from 2manydjs, LX-90, Róisín Murphy, DJ Premier, Nuno Lopes, BIIA, BLOND:ISH, MoullinexΔGPU Panic, and Chico da Tina.

July 13


Since 1995, David and Stephen Dewaele have been pushing the boundaries of music, finding new and innovative territory, a space that is uniquely theirs on artistic merit. From this creative effort, a band was born – Soulwax, who work as DJs – 2manydjs, a label – DEEWEE, a sound system – Despacio, and even a digital radio station – Radio Soulwax. They are known around the world as one of the most innovative groups dedicated to the noble art of remix and production and, over the years, they have reinvented themselves based on the music of names such as Fontaines DC, Chet Faker, Róisin Murphy, LA Priest, Robyn, Arcade Fire, The Rolling Stones, Tame Impala, Metronomy, Daft Punk, The Gossip, Hot Chip, MGMT, Warpaint, among many others. Over a twenty-year career, this Belgian duo has always tried to keep the creative flame burning. After a series of singles, records, and performances all over the place, in May 2020, Soulwax, edited “EMS Synthi 100 – DEEWEE Sessions Vol.1”. And in July of this year, they come to Portugal to show off that good form in a DJ Set format on the Somersby Stage at Super Bock Super Rock, on the 13th of July.


The LX-90 was a mythical band from the ’80s and 90’s. After the end of Heróis do Mar, Rui Pregal da Cunha and Paulo Pedro Gonçalves started this project. The original line-up also included Tó Pereira (aka DJ Vibe), Nuno Roque, and António Garcia. “A Revolution per Minute”, the album released in 1991, left a mark of originality in Portuguese music – “Dah Wah”, one of the group’s most outstanding singles, was part of this debut record. And, after a 33-year tour around the sun, the LX-90 come out with a new single: “Vivir na Lua Não É Fácil”. From infinity comes the music that never was… Rui Pregal da Cunha, Paulo Pedro Gonçalves, Nuno Roque, DJ Vibe, João F Gomes, and Samuel Palitos come together for a comeback that promises to win over the audience on the Somersby Stage at Super Bock Super Rock, on the 13th of July.


Over the years, Róisín Murphy has always tried to surprise, presenting omnivorous pop, drawing on influences as far away as disco and hot jazz, making these and other rhythms material for his own artistic expression. He started by making waves in the duo Moloko with Mark Brydon. After the end of the project, the Irish Murphy released her first solo record. “Ruby Blue”, released in 2005, revealed all of Róisín’s energy and originality and soon became a cult object for thousands of music lovers. In 2007 he released “Overpowered”, an album closer to mainstream pop, without ever losing his very personal signature and his idiosyncratic style, capable of disconcerting the most conservative listeners. Over the last decade, he has never stopped wanting to do different, releasing a series of EPs and singles vital to the total body of his work. In 2015 he edited “Hairless Toys”, an album nominated for a Mercury Music Prize and further proof of his eclecticism. In 2020 she returns to records with the edition of “Róisín Machine”. Murphy’s fifth album has won fans and critics alike and is now preparing to win over the audience at the Somersby Stage at Super Bock Super Rock, on July 13th.

July 14


DJ Premier is one of the decisive names in the history of hip-hop, breaking new ground in the late 1980s. In the following decade, he became one of the most relevant producers, imprinting his unique style on each of his productions. Aggressive, raw, and heavy-handed, he never sought to take the easy way out to find recognition. In addition to helming Gang Starr’s seven albums, a duo he was a part of, including the historic sequel to “Step in the Arena” (1991), “Daily Operation” (1992), and “Hard to Earn” (1994), Premier also lent his production genius to many other iconic records of the 90s: such as Nas’ “Nas’ Illmatic”, Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ready to Die”, Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt”, “Black on Both Sides” by Mos Def, among many others. In the following decades, he also showed his worth in the production of some pop hits (“Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera is an example), without ever ceasing to have a foot in the rap scene more underground. Profitable throughout his career, Premier still produces at the highest level and also releases solo. “Hip Hop 50: Vol. 1” (2022) is the most recent example. Part of the history of world hip-hop passes through Meco in this year of 2023 – DJ Premier performs on July 14 at Palco Somersby.


Nuno Lopes is one of the most recognized Portuguese faces, a celebrated actor and justly awarded with a remarkable international career. But there is a skin that Nuno Lopes dresses with special pleasure, a skin that fits him like a glove and for which no preparation is necessary or even any special method of concentration, a skin that does not involve reading scripts, physical or emotional transformations. And that skin, which Nuno Lopes has often donned since 2006, is that of a DJ. He was part of the Lovely Bastards duo with mad.mac until 2013, and since then he has performed solo in notable national booths, but also at festivals. Wherever he goes, his concern is always the excitement on the dance floor, the movement of bodies, and the energy released by the sound system. And for that, he always has his careful and eclectic selection of electronic beats of different cadences, from the deepest house to the most classic techno and from there to wherever inspiration may take him, since, as it happens on the big and small screens, improvisation is also fundamental in this art that does not need scripts. Nuno Lopes says that he doesn’t like to prepare sets in advance because he never knows what he’s going to find and that the energy of a room or an audience is fundamental to his work as a DJ. And that’s what will happen on the Somersby Stage of Super Bock Super Rock, on July 14th.


BIIA plunged headlong into electronic music when he visited his cousin’s DJ and production shop at the age of 14, driven by an emotional curiosity that today is mirrored in the creative process with which he conducts his DJ sets and produces his first songs. It’s the way she discovered to pass on feelings, to build relationships, to guide a track through effusive and nostalgic moments, involving us in a spiral of affections from which we don’t want to break free. Her sets are influenced by a sound that lies somewhere between London, Berlin, and Detroit. These are stories told from techno and its aspects, sometimes markedly energetic, sometimes harsh and mental with abstract compositions, as if it were a roller coaster: vertiginous rises and falls, inversions, and unexpected loops. BIIA will continue to conquer and cement its e-trail, bringing its eclectic approach to the dance floor. BIIA will be on the Somersby Stage of the Super Bock Super Rock, on the 14th of July.

July 15


BLOND:ISH is a DJ, producer, environmental activist, entrepreneur, and a number of other facets where she shows her talent and creativity. Her eclecticism and multiple talents make BLOND: ISH a rare artist, someone capable of embodying multiple skins without ever losing her authenticity. As a DJ, whether she’s exploring the afro house, 80’s disco, psychedelic music, or techno, her performances are always marked by infectious joy and irresistible rhythms. As an investor, she shows that her bold spirit goes beyond music and has investments in web3, thus being at the forefront of the potential of the online world. His philanthropic work focuses on environmental issues, such as raising awareness of plastic waste, and also at festivals and other venues dedicated to music. His way of being in music has everything to do with energy and shared values. BLOND:ISH brings its good spirit to Super Bock Super Rock, on July 15th at Palco Somersby.


It’s difficult to talk about electronic music in Portugal without mentioning the name of Moullinex, the alter-ego of Luis Clara Gomes from Vise. He is increasingly assuming himself as one of the most restless and creative minds in the Portuguese music scene, inviting various musical genres to his music: soul, funk, garage rock, and even MPB, all of which serve to enrich Moullinex’s electronic music, celebrated on stage. nationals and internationals. And at Super Bock Super Rock Moullinex you won’t be alone. Moullinex works with GPU Panic. What started with “Luz”, a song that opened the door and the way for Moullinex and GPU Panic to continue to grow, both individually and together, has since turned into a partnership that will reach new creative heights this year. What unites the two names is a reference to the structure with which they present themselves, face to face, live. GPU Panic is already a central presence in much of Moullinex’s recent output, notably as lead vocalist on the latest and critically acclaimed studio album: “Requiem for Empathy”. GPU Panic’s contributions are always manifested in songs that make us dance, and daydream, while simultaneously taking us inside. “Break me in Pieces”, the first release of 2023 by Moullinex and GPU Panic, sets the tone for a tour in a new format. And it will be as a duo that they will perform at Super Bock Super Rock, as they have already done in the videos for “See Me Burn”, “Pacifico” or “Higher”. The duo performs on the Somersby Stage at Super Bock Super Rock, on July 15th.


Chico da Tina (or Francisco da Concertina, Viana do Castelo, 1996) is a famous Portuguese artist and troubadour, who began to gain name and notoriety in the streets, when he appeared at parties and get-togethers, always accompanied by his concertina. In 2019, he released the single “Põe-te Fino” on Youtube, a trap (with concertina and castanets) included in the EP “Trapalhadas”, which quickly went viral surpassing two million views. In the same year, Chico da Tina released the album “Minho Trapstar”, a record with songs full of critical and caricatured lyrics that, combined with his image, result in an unprecedented combination of trap, concertina, and regional slang, balancing tradition and modernity like few others. “Minho Trapstar”, “Romarias” or “Freicken” are some of the themes included in this work. The most representative and original Portuguese trap star released the album “E Agora Como É que é” in 2021 by Sony Music, a project that has already surpassed the mark of 23 million plays on Spotify, thus earning it the distinction of gold record. Chico da Tina is one of the most original names of the moment and will be performing at Super Bock Super Rock on July 15th at Palco Somersby.


July 13th

  • Super Bock Stage – James Murphy DJ Set, The Offspring, Franz Ferdinand, The Legendary Tigerman
  • Pull&Bear Stage – Father John Misty, Black Country, New Road, 070 Shake
  • Somersby Stage – 2manydjs Dj Set, LX-90, Róisín Murphy

July 14th

  • Super Bock Stage – Charlotte De Witte, The 1975, Wu-Tang Clan, Nile Rodgers & CHIC, Sam The Kid com Orquestra e Orelha Negra
  • Pull&Bear Stage – Caroline Polachek, Sampa The Great, Benny Sings
  • Somersby Stage – Nuno Lopes, DJ Premier, BIIA

July 15th

  • Super Bock Stage – Steve Lacy, Ezra Collective
  • Pull&Bear Stage – L’Impératrice, PinkPantheress, Biig Piig
  • LG by Rádio SBSR.FM Stage – Tomás Wallenstein
  • Somersby Stage – BLOND:ISH, Moullinex Δ GPU Panic, Chico da Tina

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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