Superheroes designed by children on the agenda? Yes, and it is solidarity

Already bought your agenda for 2019? This is supportive.

The end of the year is approaching, so it becomes imperative to start thinking about buying a new agenda to pinpoint the commitments that 2019 will bring. And why not put aside the traditional ones and inspire your daily life with an agenda drawn by the dash of artists that spanned half a century inspired by those who are your superheroes?

It is called “Somos Super-Heróis”, is a solidarity agenda and is presented by Abraço, the Friends of Pediatrics of Terceira Island, the Group of Friends of Pediatrics of the Hospital of Ponta Delgada, the Pediatric Service of the Hospital of Horta, group to which also joins this year the association of the Department of Pediatrics of the Hospital Prof. Doctor Fernando Fonseca ‘Fernandinhos & Companhia’.

When a child is asked to put the picture of their superhero on paper, the surprises happen. As much as they idolize animated images of cloak and shields in riste, these know, deep down who are their superheroes. And they are often ‘flesh and blood’ heroes: a father, a mother, a grandfather or grandmother, the doctor who treats them or firefighters who save forests and people. And the result is in this solidarity agenda.

The organizers of this project believe, as the statement sent to the editors says, “adults also need to believe in superheroes, whatever they are, without ever forgetting that all superheroes have their weaknesses, their kryptonite “.

It should be noted that the funds raised with this initiative will be used for the acquisition of modern and sophisticated medical equipment, as monitors for the Pediatric Emergency of the Terceira Island Hospital, to assist in the humanization of the physical space of the Horta Hospital and Ponta Delgada but also to contribute to the new HIV, STI and viral hepatitis screening center to be developed by Abraço in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.

The agendas will be available starting on November 5, at a cost of 5 euros, through the Facebook of Abraço and APIT, in the platform www.comprasolidá and the partner entities of this initiative.

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