Support your favorite artists with Play It Safe

Play It Safe, an initiative of the promoter Gig Club in partnership with the publisher Omnichord Records, was created to alert people to civic behavior, to stay at home, those who can, and to take proper care, using music for this, and raise awareness that it is a difficult time for musicians, who are probably out of work in the coming months, with many concerts unchecked.

Although musicians’ online concerts from their homes are not new, Play It Safe intends to do so in a way that educates people to buy music and get them to buy or make donations for each one. performances ”

In addition, Gig Club and Omichord will help bands and artists interested in creating links to donations, where the money will go directly to them.

The platform kicks off with around 30 artists and bands registered, including Best Youth, Filipe Sambado, First Breath After Coma, The Legendary Tigerman, Joana Espadinha, Lynx, Luís Severo, Samuel Úria, Noiserv, Tape Junk, Whales, and Surma, but the number may increase.

The concerts start on Saturday and are scheduled until April 19.

Concert times are available on the website until March 18th. “But we are going to introduce more, we are closing dates and times and we are updating every day and we are also going to create events on Facebook”, said João Afonso.


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