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Open-air surrealism

On Saturday night, we attended Castelo de São Jorge for a “surrealist” night by the Lisbon Poetry Orchestra (LPO), an eclectic collection that brings together musicians, poets, journalists, actors, a “tower of Babel” from the world of arts ranging from writing to the audiovisual.

Alexandre Cortês (bass), Filipe Valentim (keyboards), Luís Basto (saxophone and clarinet), Mário João Santos (drums and percussion), Sérgio Costa (guitar), André Gago, Nuno Miguel Guedes, Paula Cortes and Miguel Borges (vocals) make up the LPO, which also had Flak, Mitó, and Sir Scratch as guests.

Lisbon Poetry Orchestra > Castelo de São Jorge ©Virgílio Santos – ineews < 2022.09.17

With a sold-out capacity and in an emblematic space, the LPO visited its recently published work, “Os Surrealistas”, which includes poetry by Alexandre O’Neil, António José Forte, Carlos Eurico da Costa, Fernando Lemos, Mário Cesariny, Mário-Henrique Leiria and Pedro Oom.

Throughout the show, along with the themes presented, the paintings by João Alves included in the disc book were projected on the canvas walls.

Along the wall that we inhabit
there are words of life there are words of death
there are immense words that await us
and other fragile ones, who stopped waiting
there are words lit like boats
and there are words men, words that keep
your secret and your position

In “You are welcome to Elsinore”, by Mário Cesariny

Another excellent show within the scope of the Cultura na Rua program by EGEAC.

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