Susana Aleixo Lopes opens ‘No One Can Tell’ exhibition in Ponta Delgada

The Azorean plastic artist Susana Aleixo Lopes inaugurates, on Saturday, in Ponta Delgada ‘No One Can Tell’, her first individual exhibition in the city, in an event in the Arco 8 gallery, where Elliot Sheedy and Luís Senra also participate.

‘No One Can Tell’, says a gallery press note, is the first solo exhibition by the artist Susana Aleixo Lopes in Ponta Delgada and is open to the public until September 22.

The exhibition explores the artist’s memories, which describes the work as a “cyclical process of a reality that gradually distorts itself with or without option to a restless mind.”

The work of Susana Aleixo Lopes works various artistic means, passing through the drawing, photography, video performance and sculpture.

The artist has several participations in collective exhibitions nationally and internationally, as well as several individual exhibitions, but this is the first time she exhibits individually in Ponta Delgada.

The inauguration of the exhibition is accompanied by the performance of Elliot Sheedy and Luís Senra, who present the show ‘Last Show in Paradise’, at 23:30.

American crooner Elliot Sheedy, touring the island to present his new album, ‘Cowboy Microwave Music’, is allied Saturday night with the Latin American saxophonist Luís Senra for an impromptu show.

The musicians, who met when Elliot Sheedy lived in San Miguel, invite audiences to experience “the expulsion of the era’s planning from the digital homogeneity of the data collection.”

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