Susana Costa in the final triple of the European

Portugal’s Susana Costa qualified today for the final of the triple jump of European athletics, while Patrícia Mamona, who defended the title in Berlin, and Lacabela Quaresma, were out of the 12 who will fight for the medals.

Susana Costa jumped 14.17 meters on the second attempt, reaching his best mark of the year with an unfavorable wind (-1.5 m / s), and made the tenth best record of qualifying, guaranteeing a place in the final scheduled for Friday, market. In the first trial, it did 13.80.

In a session that qualified the athletes above 14.05 or 12, Patricia Mamona, champion in 2016, made 13.92 in her best jump, the third, which left her in 16th place, after have started with 12.64 and 13.81.

Lacabela Quaresma, who opened with a null and then did 13.71, also improved in the last jump, but the record of 13.87 meters left her far from the final in 19th place.

Greece’s Paraskevi Papahrístou, a bronze medal in 2016, made the mark of qualifying with 14.49 in his only attempt.

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