Suspension of flights to and from the EU extended until 17 May

This ban, justified by the executive with the need to contain the outbreak of the new coronavirus, thus prolongs the suspension of flights imposed since March 19, the day on which the state of emergency was decreed.

However, the flight ban does not apply to flights intended to allow national citizens or Portuguese residence permit holders to return to Portugal.

It also does not apply, determines the Government in the diploma, to flights destined to allow the return to the respective countries of foreign citizens who are in Portugal, provided that such flights are promoted by the competent authorities of those countries, subject to request and prior agreement, and respecting the principle of reciprocity.

The diploma also has other exceptions regarding the prohibition of flights: the countries associated with the Schengen Area (Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland), the Portuguese-speaking countries, although from Brazil, however, only flights from and to São Paulo and to and from Rio de Janeiro.

Other exceptions are the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Venezuela, Canada and South Africa, which is justified by the Government given the presence of important Portuguese communities.

The order is also not applicable to State aircraft and the Armed Forces, aircraft that integrate or will integrate the Special Rural Fire Fighting Device, flights for the exclusive transportation of cargo and mail, as well as flights of a humanitarian or emergency medical and technical scales for non-commercial purposes.

The order, published today, takes effect from 00:00 on April 18, 2020 and is effective for a period of 30 days, until May 17.

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