T-Rex announces COR D’ÁGUA, is debut album

T-Rex is currently one of the biggest names in Portuguese and Lusophone music, all the responsibility that this post gave him, led him to improve his art to share his first album.

COR D’ÁGUA, T-Rex’s debut album will be unveiled on the 20th of January and will be presented first-hand at the Coliseums in Lisbon (February 4) and Porto (March 11).

T-Rex Biography:
T-Rex enters 2023 with three major marks on the calendar: the edition of Cor d’água, the long-awaited breathtaking project he has been working on in recent years, and the dates of the Coliseums in Lisbon (February 4) and in Porto (March 11). 2022, on the other hand, was a year of serious achievements: he became the 4th most listened to national artist on Spotify in Portugal, totaling more than 24 million streams in 170 countries and solidifying a fan base with art that crosses different nuances of hip hop, with echoes of R&B and afro pop mixed in.

The artist from Monte Abrão, Linha de Sintra, who is part of the extended Mafia 73 family, started to stand out in mid-2018 with Chá de Camomila, an EP that contained singles like “Chá Preto” which followed previous themes like “Chá de Camomila”. My Way”, released at Christmas 2017. But it was in 2018 that its special sound – a mix of rap and R&B, trap and drill, and other futuristic cadences – started to raise heads. T-Rex, who sings, rhymes, and produces, knowing very well what he wants, studied a series of masters in depth, as he confessed in a first interview with Rimas e Batidas: in addition to names like Nigga Poison or Força Suprema and Da Blazz, his headphones “played a lot of Sam the Kid, Boss AC, Halloween or Knave, Regula or Kalibrados, Da Weasel…” Foundations for a very solid building.

In 2020, the Gota D’Espaço EP reinforced certainties about the enormous talent of an artist who refuses labels, preferring to invent his own formulas. In an interview for the presentation of this work, Rex emphasized how much he liked to fuse styles, reaffirming his versatility and his love for the lyrical part of the themes, characteristics that contribute decisively to the profound originality of his art.

The next wall of this tower that T-Rex has been building was the one that the stage provided: the rooms grew in size, the invitations to perform at festivals also and it was only in 2022 that it was possible to see and hear him at Nos Alive, Festival F, Sumol Summer Fest, Super Bock Super Rock reaping applause and confirming what it had shown the previous year in a resounding visit to Teatro Tivoli, in Lisbon.

All of this – the tireless work on stage, the physical and extreme delivery to his fans, the care in the videos, and the serious approach to the studio, production, and refinement of themes — will be well reflected in Cor D’Água, the promised album with a debut scheduled for 2023. The veil has already begun to lift, with pieces like “Donde”, a single released last December that shows T-Rex as the author of songs that irremediably cling to the ears of an entire generation: it already has around one million streams between Spotify and YouTube.

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