Tabaqueira distinguished with Organizational Change award

Tabaqueira, a Portuguese subsidiary of Philip Morris International (PMI), was distinguished in the category ‘Campaign for Organizational Change’ in this year’s edition of the APCE Grand Prix, a competition promoted by the Portuguese Business Communication Association that rewards excellence and professionalism national communication officers.

More than an organizational change campaign, this APCE award thus recognizes the process of transforming the business of Tabaqueira and PMI, which in 2016 announced a profound change in its strategic vision, reflected in the signature that, since then, organization has used: a Smoke Free Future.

For more than a decade, PMI has invested more than 5.5 billion euros in the Research & Development area, placing science, technology and innovation at the service of developing alternative solutions for adult smokers who would otherwise way, they would maintain their cigarette consumption.
A team of more than 400 scientists, from the most diverse areas of Health Sciences, has, through rigorous evaluation and scientific substantiation programs, developed innovative products without combustion, which allow to consume nicotine in a less harmful way, and, therefore, have a potential to reduce risk compared to cigarettes and are a better alternative for smokers. The best option for any smoker is, however, to stop consuming any tobacco or nicotine product.

These developments have been the subject of more than 30 studies by independent laboratories, and government entities of unquestionable credibility and reputation, which confirm important elements of PMI’s scientific evidence. Most confirm the significant reduction of harmful chemicals in products without combustion, when compared to cigarettes.

In Portugal, where there are around two million smokers, Tabaqueira has consistently disseminated and shared its new vision both internally and externally. Currently, there are about 200 thousand Portuguese people who use the new tobacco products without combustion.

Rui Minhós Director of Institutional Affairs at Tabaqueira, states: “The changing paradigm of PMI’s business and organizational culture, which today is largely based on scientific research and on numerous Research & Development projects, imposes new, more demanding forms of communication and on multiple fronts. The strategy of valuing heated tobacco products, towards a smoke-free future, requires a differentiated and specialized communication approach, which seeks to speak to the different recipients of our communication. And that makes our almost 1000 workers in Tabaqueira agents that generate positive change, communicators of organizational transformation. ”

Through clarification sessions and public debates, through more direct contact with consumers on its website and social networks, there are many moments of communication in which Tabaqueira has shared its new vision.

“Transparency. This has been the key to achieving our communication as an organization. Transparency in the information we give and transparency of our intentions. And we have placed at the service of communication the same principles that guide our mission as an organization: sustainability, innovation, inclusion and diversity. We favor open and regular dialogue with our various stakeholders, from workers to suppliers, from the local community to health authorities and policy makers, without forgetting our customers. For this reason, this award is, for us, the public recognition of a highly disruptive and positive process for the sector ”, adds the official.

Tabaqueira was selected by an independent jury as the winner of the “Organizational Change Campaign” category, from 72 finalists to 19 categories.

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