World Youth Days

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Chefs on Challenge is part of World Youth Days

Until the 6th of August, there are Chefs on Challenge (COC) at the World Youth Days. The concept of “gastronomy…

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The theme for the World Youth Days in Lisbon announced by the Pope.

Pope Francis announced that the theme of World Youth Days, to be held in Lisbon in 2022, will have as…

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“An uncontained joy.” Portugal receives World Youth Days

Lisbon will host, in 2022, the next World Youth Days, which is considered the biggest event of the Catholic Church.…

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Official: Portugal to host World Youth Days

The announcement was made this Sunday by the mayor of the Discourse for the Laity, Family and Life. The next…

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Marcelo arrives today at the World Youth Days in Panama

The President of the Republic arrives today in Panama to participate in the XXXIV World Youth Days and has on…

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World Youth Days of 2022 will take place in Portugal

The World Youth Days (WYD) of 2022, presided by the Pope, will take place in Portugal, Religionline announced, adding that…

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