Tainá distinguished with Play Lusofonia Award

In the second edition of the Play Awards, which took place yesterday at the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, Tainá was distinguished in the Lusophone category and starred in one of the musical moments of the ceremony alongside Fernando Daniel, another of the nominees, co-interpreting the theme “Se eu”.

In this award, Tainá sees the talent, hard work, sacrifice and courage that were necessary to edit her debut album “Sonhos” (2019), which is itself a dream come true for the artist of Brazilian origin, with indigenous ancestry, who landed in Portugal from his native Brazil, where he grew up and studied music working at school to pay for his course.

The three singles invite the public to discover the dream world of Tainá and the metamorphosis that took place in it, when the girl, who she is now a woman, she started showing her message to the universe, helping people to feel good when they hear her voice, the lyrics and the songs she composes and interprets.

Erlend Øye, from Kings of Convenience, who discovered her singing in the street, was one of the first people to be touched by Tainá and was so impressed that he proposed to perform in the first part of two of his concerts in Portugal.

After performing at some of the biggest summer festivals in 2019, such as MEO Sudoeste or MEO Marés Vivas, Tainá was about to leave for a tour of rooms, which would take her to the most diverse stages from north to south of the country. With the outbreak of the pandemic, live performances were postponed, and the tour is now being redesigned.

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