Tainá reveals “Senti”, the third single from her debut album

Senti” is the third single from Tainá’s debut album, an album that earned her the Lusofonia Prize in PLAY

The song “Senti” was inspired by the love story of António’s grandparents, who wrote and produced it for me. His grandfather was a fisherman and when he went to sea, his grandmother was always waiting for him. We tried to portray the feelings that they travel through our bodies when we don’t know if the person we love comes back: suffocation, sadness, uncertainty, loneliness, longing. This song is the only one on the record that tells a story that is not mine. already lived the lack of a love that is no longer close!

It is in this way that Tainá presents the story that inspired “Senti“, song chosen to be the third single from her homonymous and debut album, edited exactly 1 year ago, and whose official video was directed by André Tentugal.


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