Tais Quais live in Montijo

Last Saturday in Montijo’s Cinema-Teatro Joaquim D’Almeida was show night with Tais Quais. The group formed by João Gil, Vitorino, Tim, Vicente Palma, Celina da Piedade, Paulo Ribeiro, Jorge Serafim and Sebastião shined the croud and got everyone dancing and clapping.

The table is set. There are snacks, there is wine, there are chairs to sit on and one, two violas at hand. Above all, there are people, united by the pleasure of meeting and exchanging stories. Music is an inevitability, it appears as an expression of that palpable taste, that simplicity in which the songs go on to celebrate the simplest thing of all: being among friends. The Tais Quem are such a group, “like olive trees, olive groves, goldfinches, nightingales” (so says “Moda da Passarada”), without complicated explanations. People who get together because they want to be together, people who cling to the romantic idea of ​​the taverns where the song freely flourished in other times.

The Alentejo occupies the great space of the repertoire of this group formed by João Gil, Vitorino, Tim, Jorge Palma, Celina da Piedade, Paulo Ribeiro and Sebastião. The violas, the accordion, the percussion, perhaps a bell viola and a chilling chorus. But, in between, there is also Jorge Serafim, a well-known storyteller, who appears here as the host of a fictional place called A Venda do Isaías, and who shares his pearls of wisdom by unraveling stories, anecdotes, folk tales.


Music is not just music in this case. It speaks for a whole region. That is why it does not start at the first chord and does not end with applause, it does not live in the prison of these rules dictated by the stages. He lives on these spontaneous exchanges, which is launched by one and grabbed by the rest, but which can be crossed by an account that Isaías / Serafim fetches from the chest of his popular wisdom. Music and stories follow each other, just as the table always seems to be full.
Those Who promise to spread their music across the country. And make new friends along the way. Let them get together. The table is set.

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