Tamara Alves opens exhibition at the Underdogs gallery in Lisbon

Portuguese artist Tamara Alves took the calm of darkness into the Underdogs gallery in Lisbon, where today she opens ‘When the rest of the world has gone to sleep’, composed of new works.

Tamara Alves began her artistic journey in a gallery, using street signs – ‘graffiti’ or wall textures – in academic works. At some point he started painting on the street, where the message has to be a little more direct, stronger.

Unlike the street, where everything is very fast, in a gallery there is more time to contemplate the piece, and these can have a different, deeper, calmer story.

To create the works exhibited at Underdogs, Tamara Alves used acrylic paint and watercolors in the paintings, and colored pencils in the drawings.

Tamara Alves, daughter of two painters, started painting as a child. Later, he studied Fine Arts at the Superior School of Arts and Design (ESAD) in Caldas da Rainha, then went to Porto, where he did a master’s degree in Contemporary Artistic Practices, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, and one of the first theses on activism plastic in an urban context.

“When the rest of the world has gone to sleep”, free of charge, will be open until March 7.

Simultaneously at Underdogs, there will also be a Raquel Belli capsule exhibition ‘Woven’.

Starting this year, the artists who present capsule collections in the gallery are chosen by the artists in the main exhibition. In other words, Raquel Belli was chosen by Tamara Alves.

Underdogs is a cultural platform, founded by the French Pauline Foessel and the Portuguese Alexandre Farto (Vhils), which is divided between public art, with paintings on the walls of the city, exhibitions inside doors (at number 56 on Rua Fernando Palha) and the production of original artistic editions.

The platform started in 2015 to organize guided tours of Urban Art in Lisbon.

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