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Tarrafal Resistance Museum registers an increase in the number of visitors in 2019

The Resistance Museum in the municipality of Tarrafal, north of Santiago Island, received in 2019 about 13 thousand visitors, while the Archeology and Tabanca Museums had fewer visitors, compared to the previous year.

The information was forwarded to Inforpress by the president of the Cultural Heritage Institute, Jair Fernandes, who oversees the management of seven museums nationwide, namely the Museum of the Sea (São Vicente), Museum of Sal (island of Sal), Ethnographic Museum of Praia (Santiago), Archeology Museum (Santiago), the Resistance Museum (Santiago), the Tabanca Museum (Santa Catarina) and the Cesária Évora Museum Center.

Although they are still investigating the data for 2019, Jair Fernandes said that the Resistance Museum had an “exponential increase” of visitors, that is, if in 2018 they received about nine thousand visitors, in 2019 this number rose to 13 thousand visitors.

This increase, he said, demonstrates that there is an “interest, there is an investment, there is a very clear policy”, regarding the valorization of this equipment in the territories, which, in his view, opens the possibility for new investments and new perspectives for this year. He informed that, soon, they will make the other data known and it will be possible to justify why the Archeology Museum of Praia and the Tabanca Museum in Santa Catarina received less visitors than last year.

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