Tarrafal was the museum of Cape Verde with more visits in 2018

The Museum of Resistance (formerly the Tarrafal Concentration Camp), on the island of Santiago, was the most visited Cape Verdean museum in 2018, with almost half of all visits recorded, according to the Institute of Cultural Heritage (IPC).

[dropcap type=”default”]A[/dropcap]mong the 22,096 visitors who visited the Cape Verdean museums last year were national and foreign tourists, students from elementary to university and various delegations, the CPI continues.

This body of the Ministry of Culture and Creative Industries reports that the Museum of Resistance (formerly the Tarrafal Concentration Camp) was the one that registered the largest influx (9,000 visitors), in contrast to the Cesária Évora Museum Center, which had the lowest visits (660).

The Museum of Archeology received 2,127 visitors, 4,300 visited the Ethnographic Museum of Praia, 1,600 chose the Salt Museum, 2,429 chose the Museum of the Sea and 1,980 the Museum of Tabanka.

The IPC points out that foreign tourists are the ones who visit the most Cape Verdean museums, although there is a “gradual increase” of national visitors.

These data refer to the museums managed by the IPC: Ethnographic Museum of Praia, Museum of Archeology, Museum of Resistance, Museum of Tabanca and Núcleo Museológico Cesária Évora, on the island of Santiago, Salt Museum (Sal) and Museum of the Sea (São Vicente).

In 2018, the number of visitors represented a “significant growth over the previous”, according to the CPI, which does not advance in this note with the number of visits registered in 2017.

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