TAS debuts “Valentin, Valentin”

“Valentin, Valentin”, the new play by the Teatro Animação de Setúbal, based on texts by the German singer and comic author Karl Valentin, debuts on September 5, at 9:30 pm, at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum.

The show, postponed from March due to the Covid-19 pandemic, starts from parodies, word games, tongue twisters, and linguistic plots to reveal the artistic universe of the German Karl Valentin, born in Munich, in 1882.

In this work, staged by Duarte Victor, the TAS – Teatro Animação de Setúbal mixes clown and multidisciplinary techniques inspired by situations of the real, which converge in a fictional universe where the real is opposed to the absurd.

Over the course of 70 minutes, the actors Célia David, Duarte Victor, Miguel Assis, and Susana Dagaf will unravel the brief stories of Valentin Ludwig Fey, who would only sign as Karl Valentim after his first great success, “O Aquário”, by 1907.

In these stories, everything gets confused and falls apart. No rules are definitive, even the lack of rules.

“Valentin, Valentin”, classified for over 12 years old, has set design and communication design by Teófilo Duarte, costumes and props by Lucília Telmo and Gertrude Félix‘s wardrobe and sewing.

Álvaro Presumido signs the light design, while the counter-loader is in charge of João Carlos Fonseca, with Rui Curto responsible for the construction and assembly. The photography is by Pedro Soares, the disclosure is by André Moniz and in the secretariat is Ângela Rosa.

Tickets, with a cost of ten euros for the general public and five for minors under 18 and over 65, are on sale at the Luísa Todi Municipal Forum and here.

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