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Teatro da Trindade reopens on April 22 with ‘Noite de Estreia’

‘Noite de Estreia’ is a show about a film that is about a show and about the place of women in conservative and patriarchal society, adds a note from the theater directed by Diogo Infante.

The play focuses on an actress in an existential crisis and struggling with the character she plays and the world she lives in, and has an interpretation by Dalila Carmo, Heitor Lourenço, João Araújo, João Reis, Margarida Bakker, Maria José Paschoal, Marta Félix and Sabri Lucas, in a coproduction of the Teatro da Trindade INATEL, Nova Companhia and Teatro Nacional São João.

On the eve of the premiere, there will be a solidarity rehearsal, at 20:00, whose revenue will be fully paid to the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV).

A week later, on the 29th, in the Estúdio room, “Luiza de Jesus – A Assassina da Roda” will be premiered, a text by Rute de Carvalho Serra adapted by the author herself for theater, with staging and interpretation by Maria Henrique. Based on true facts, it is a show about the murder of 33 children exposed at the Roda da Misericórdia de Coimbra. In 1772, Luiza de Jesus was tried and sentenced to death by the Casa da Suplicação in Lisbon. She was the last woman executed in Portugal.

On June 17th, “Uma Casa de Bonecas”, by Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen, also debuts in the Studio room. Starring José Mata and Madalena Almeida, the show is about the Helmer couple’s relationship, mainly about the interior “journey” that the woman, Nora, travels through the three acts and makes her aware that the appearance of perfection and happiness is not perfection and happiness.

The staging of this joint production by Teatro da Trindade/Inatel and LAMA Teatro is by João de Brito and the protagonists are joined by Bruno Bernardo, Diana Nicolau, Inês Ferreira da Silva and Luís Lobão.

The show “Noite de Estreia” will be on stage in the Carmen Dolores room, from Wednesday to Saturday at 8 pm and on Sundays at 4:30 pm.

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