Teatro Experimental de Cascais premieres “Peter and Alice” with Lia Gama

John Logan’s “Peter and Alice,” which opens Tuesday at the Cascais Experimental Theater (TEC) on Monte Estoril, marks the return of Lia Gama to the theatre after a three-year interregnum.

This is a play that Carlos Avilez “always wanted to do, and has been postponing until now,” debuting it on the day the company he directs turns 53, told the director.

The work was postponed for being “a complicated piece, which requires a great cast, an ideal cast”, and that only now Avilez managed to reunite said.

After the author’s approval, the American playwright John Logan, Carlos Avilez, then sought out Lia Gama, who had not been on the TEC stage since the 1990s, and who suddenly accepted the challenge of starring in the play written on purpose. the British actress Judi Dench.

“A very beautiful piece, very difficult and very strong” that leaves the director “with enormous pleasure” for bringing Lia Gama back to TEC. “A huge actress, a great woman and a great friend,” stressed Carlos Avilez, without hiding the emotion that is to have the actress back on that stage.

“Peter and Alice” are based on the meeting of Alice Liddell and Peter Llewelyn Davies, aged 80 and 18, respectively, in a London bookstore in 1932, on the occasion of the opening of a Lewis Carroll exhibition.

Carlos Avilez “chose all the actors” for this piece since it was extremely important that “the characters be interpreted by the actor who best represents them”.

After having done “Alice in Wonderland” and “Peter Pan”, in which American playwright John Logan was inspired to build “Peter and Alice”, Carlos Avilez is also curious to know how the public will react to this which is “not at all easy”.

“Peter and Alice,” says Carlos Avilez, confronts us with various problems: age, personality, life and love, he admitted.

It really is a very strong relationship between an 80-year-old lady and a young man of 18, he added, stressing that it is a topic “in vogue” in recent times.

“The issue of age, the problem of experience, the problem of what love is, and the problem that people have with their own myths, is very much in question.”

In the scene from Wednesday to Saturday at 9:30 p.m., and on Sundays at 4 p.m., “Peter and Alice” can be seen until December 23.

The scenery and costumes are Fernando Alvarez and the choreography of Natasha Tchitcherova.

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