Joaquim Benite Municipal Theater hosts a Flamenco show

Memória Viva“, by María del Mar Moreno, part of the Mostra de Espanha 2021, will be presented on October 9th, at 9 pm, in the Main Room of the TMJB. Danced, sung, played flamenco, evocative of its icons and history and stories, is what it promises us, and all by the feet and body of the dancer María del Mar Moreno very well accompanied by interpreters of flamenco banners.

Memória Viva is a profound spectacle, in which the dancer and choreographer externalizes the perception of herself in a dialogue of proximity with those around her. In this way, the other is constituted as a key element in the process of alterity between the artist and the person.

The first class cast is already a living memory of flamenco, and will present a series of material and immaterial elements, shaping them through an immeasurable collection of music and poetry.

Art will become an identity-revealing element — a mirror that reflects not only the performers but also the spectators themselves.

More than a show, this is an authentic experience in which interactions between men and women, people from different generations, decode paradigms around the history of flamenco — its evolution and its iconic characters.

An opportunity for social resinification, in times of crisis that we never imagined. A collective reflection on the basic difference between what we think we are and what we really are.

“We live more presences than ideas. That’s how we get into other people’s lives. By entering into someone else’s life, we discover our own life. And if we don’t give meaning to our life, we will never be able to achieve the meaning of the lives of others,” says La Moreno.

Memória Viva (TMJB Main Room, Saturday, October 9th, at 9 pm) M/6 | 1:20 am | Price: between €11.90 and €17 (Friends Club: €8.50)

By Maria del Mar Moreno

Direction, script and dramaturgy María del Mar Moreno
Directing assistance Fernanda Martínez Puccini
Canto Antonio Malena, Dolores Agujetas, José de los Camaronês, Elu de Jerez, El Tolo, Saira Malena and José el Berenjeno
Guitar Santiago Moreno and Malena Filho
Percussion Ale de la Gitanería
Palmas Javi Peña
Ball Maria del Mar Moreno and Miguel Ángel Heredia
Adaptation of the lyrics María del Mar Moreno and Antonio Malena
Musical adaptation María del Mar Moreno and Santiago Moreno
Choreography Maria del Mar Moreno
Light design Marcos Serna
Sound design José Amosa
Costumes Marina for Fine Print
Press and communication Cows & Ratones
Photography Paco Barroso
Distribution The Flamenco Territory
Photos from the dossier Claudia Ruiz

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