Teatro no Parque presents “Muito Barulho Por Nada” in Parede from the 7th to the 11th of July

Teatro No Parque is an initiative of SMUP and this is its first edition.

The open-air theater show will come to life in Parque Morais, in Parede, a place very close to SMUP, which is located on the same street, and is therefore a place frequented by a very close community. By developing an out-of-doors project, SMUP intends to boost the local cultural offer and get closer to the surrounding community, taking its theater to the street.

This initiative is also a good opportunity to decentralize access to culture, seeking to place our show outside the urban center of Lisbon, calling attention to what happens in the cultural scenario of the peripheries, in an attempt to contribute to its dynamism.

The play has as main objective to take the theater to an audience that usually does not go to the theater, giving them to know a classic and canonical text of the world literature in an updated language and style, without losing the fundamental and universal elements of the work in question.

Also the scenic space and the staging are thought in this sense, not only trying to make use of the contemporary languages ​​of European theater, particularly in the line of physical theater and devised theater, but inserting it in a context that is not usually associated with theater – the garden. Thus, using a flashy but canonical text, with a contemporary creative process, in an unusual city space, we intend to invade new theatrical territories and thus conquer new audiences and new generations for the theater

The show results from a co-production of Companhia de Teatro da SMUP and Companhia de Teatro Gato Escaldado. The partnership created between these two companies arises from the desire to join forces, to create a connection between an amateur company but with a few years of experience (CTS) and a company that intends to become more and more professional, seeking to gain more experience and terrain at the Portuguese theater (CTGE).

Muito Barulho Por Nada is an adaptation of the work of the same name by William Shakespeare, directed by director Manuel Jerónimo. The play will be on stage between 7 and 11 July 2021. The start is scheduled for 9 pm, and the show will last approximately one hour. Tickets will soon be available online (at See Tickets Portugal) and also at the SMUP secretariat. The presentations will have a limited capacity, and will respect the rules of the General Health Directorate.

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