Tech Startup Creates the “Next GPS” with Hyper-Accurate Tracking

At Web Summit 2020, Naurt is excited to announce the public launch of a plug-and-play toolkit for high-precision, beacon-free tracking.

This solution works anywhere in the world, both indoors and outdoors. With 150 times greater accuracy than GPS, Naurt can determine in which pocket a phone is, and the hardware-agnostic API allows customers to easily integrate location tracking into their existing ecosystems, opening the door to new use cases.

These use cases span diverse sectors and verticals including transportation, logistics, autonomous agents, construction, smart cities, and asset management. For example, utility companies could benefit by using Naurt to track underground equipment and infrastructure. When upgrades and maintenance are needed, team members could use a tablet or mobile device to display a user-friendly augmented-reality marker that would show exactly where to dig—truly a case of “X marks the spot.”

Naurt’s innovation enables a diverse sphere of enterprises to improve their solutions, unlock opportunities, and break into new markets,” said Jack Maddalena, CEO and cofounder of Naurt. The company will select a few partners to join its private API beta, with a public beta scheduled for the first quarter of 2021.

Competing solutions fall short in accuracy or complexity. GPS tracking is currently accurate to within only 1-15 meters without assistance from external devices. Bluetooth beacons are expensive and complicated to manage, and computer vision is power and compute intensive. Use cases are often limited to bright, built-up outdoor areas.

But because Naurt can provide hyper-accurate tracking so easily, it is “one of the most exciting value-add technologies on the tech scene today. With its game-changing level of accuracy and simple plug-and-play delivery, it will truly disrupt the $5.5 trillion global logistics industry from the ground up,” said Dave Burke, a Naurt board member and the former director of revenue at PayPal.

Naurt already has a number of enterprise clients and a reseller partnership with the largest telecom company in the Middle East. The Naurt team is currently building out a product API with a planned launch next year of a software-as-a-service platform.

“An exciting opportunity to explore game-changing technology that will make a difference. At 2innov8 we hope to be engaging in live trials in the second quarter of next year,” said Paul Richarson, managing partner at 2innov8 and former chief innovation officer at DHL.

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