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Technological managers discuss race to digitize companies

Tomorrow, July 16th, the last debate of the Insights Talks 2020 cycle will take place, with a virtual round table dedicated to the theme “What companies are looking for in the digitalization race”.

The initiative is from LabESTLaboratory of Entrepreneurship, Society and Technology, in partnership with the coordination of the Management degree at the Piaget de Almada Institute and the support of the Management Summit team.

Three managers in the area of ​​new technologies will debate the issue of accelerating the digitization of our economy and society in general, with inevitable impacts on our way of life and the competitiveness of companies.

The starting point is the special moment we are going through, the result of the crisis triggered by Covid-19, which encouraged – or even forced – many companies to accelerate a process that was already behind us: the increasing digitalization of their activity, of information management communication, from the productive system to the working methods.

In many companies, the digital transformation undertaken in recent months has been done in haste, as a result of the current pandemic. But it is inevitable to see that technology has achieved the status of a strategic pillar of the economy and society and that the so-called “new normal” means, above all, increasing the use of technology, both for people, for companies and for public sector entities. In other words, without the digital component, there will surely be no companies with a future.

The extent to which the race for digitalization presents itself as a background race or a speed race is one of the themes that will focus the attention of the three speakers: Felicidade Ferreira, country manager of Primavera Software, a Portuguese technology company specialized in the development of solutions for business management; Daniel Araújo, CEO of Asseco PST, a specialist in solutions for the banking sector; and Tiago Mendes Gonçalves, CEO of InnoWave Technologies, a Portuguese multinational of information technologies with businesses scattered around the world.

The moderation will be in charge of Luís Fonseca, consultant and general director of BigQuestion.

The event, scheduled to start at 9 pm, has free access, with prior registration through the

The Insights Talks 2020 cycle, which began in June, discussed successively the advent of the so-called “new normal”, the resumption of economic activity in some of the sectors most affected by the current pandemic and the advantages and disadvantages of teleworking. Every week, an audience of hundreds of people gathered around specialists from various areas of the Portuguese economy and society.

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