“Teima” is pikika’s debut single

The Portuguese artist presents herself again solo with her first release on Virgin Music Portugal.

She took her first steps following someone else’s footsteps but quickly felt comfortable in her shoes. Between covers of famous songs by several national artists, and collaborations with xtinto and Van Zee, pikika now reaches her first official solo song: “Teima” marks the start of her journey on board Virgin Music Portugal.

The singer and songwriter born in Alto Alentejo had already shown enough proof of her potential that, with just a couple of compositions under her name, she deserved the confidence to integrate works like SG Gigante or, more recently, do.mar. From a reinterpretation of “Com Um Brilhozinho Nos Olhos” to participation in “Saudade”, pikika has developed visibly, and “Teima” marks the beginning of this artistic emancipation.

Already with a more mature identity, he found himself at the crossroads between R&B and urban music, between the Latin beat and the nerve of fado, in a song produced by the also versatile Charlie Beats. The singer-songwriter’s recording remains faithful to the introspection that is characteristic of her, but the tone reveals another property in the secrets that, enigmatically, she reveals to us verse after verse.

Directed by Late., the video that gives colour to the Portalegre artist’s new theme reflects precisely this clairvoyant maturity: still with her face hidden in each shot, an unmistakable profile now becomes palpable in someone who, in practice, still sees the take those first steps on your foot. A small step for the artist, a big leap for Portuguese music.

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