Tejo wines join TAP and carry nectars on board

Challenged by TAP, the Tejo Regional Wine Commission (CVR Tejo) quickly “embarked” on the initiative ‘TAP Wine Experience’, inviting its economic agents – Vinhos do Tejo producers – to join it in order to ( e) take their nectars for consumption on board and reinforce their strategy of promotion and internationalization.

In an action in which the region is a pioneer, over the next three months, there are eleven references of a ‘full hand’ of producers of Wines of the Tagus, in a total of 25 thousand bottles, that will travel aboard TAP, in routes selected by each producer. Herdade dos Templários (Tomar), Pinhal da Torre (Alpiarça), Quinta da Alorna (Almeirim) and Quinta da Lagoalva (Alpiarça) make up the quintet of newcomers.

For Luís de Castro, President of CVR Tejo, “this initiative of TAP makes perfect sense, from which we have been supported since the first hour. It is a way for our producers to have their wines present in destinations that are strategic for the Tagus region, “benefiting the approximately 1.5 million monthly passengers of TAP and the various communication channels of the airline, such as the pages internet and social networks, newsletters, internal communication media, among others.

TAP has, with the initiative ‘TAP Wine Experience’, the purpose of being the largest channel for communication and experimentation of Portuguese wine. A bet based on the wine training of its crew – ministered and certified by ViniPortugal -, who are thus able to be ambassadors of Portuguese wines. TAP has today almost four thousand cabin crew. Of these, 400 already attended the training of level 1 and, of that group, 58 did and finished the level 2, receiving now the diploma and the recognition of Wine Advisor. The aim is for everyone – around four thousand – to take the training, at least at level 1, and to encourage many to level 2.

TAP offers its customers a wide variety and quality of Portuguese wines on board – sparkling wines, white wines, rosés, red wines, moscatel and Port wines – creating a true ‘Wine Experience’. This is a way of reinforcing their commitment to promoting what is best done in Portugal.

TAP Wine Experience – Wines of the Tagus on board

Cartaxo wine cellar

BridãoClássico brancoBridão Clássico tintoTerras de Cartaxo Classic red

Herdade dos Templários

Herdade dos Templários brancoHerdade dos Templários tintoConvento Tomar Reserva red

Pinhal da Torre

2Worlds Premium red

Quinta da Alorna

Quinta da Alorna Red harvest

Quinta da Lagoalva

Lagoalva Field 1 whiteLagoalva redMonte da Casta tinto

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