Television: Mozambique to broadcast news in Mozambican languages

Mozambique’s public television channel (TVM) is starting today to broadcast national-language news broadcasts in Mozambican languages as a way to broaden access to information for viewers who do not speak Portuguese, the station announced today.

The administrator for TVM’s Content Area, Claudio Jone, said that the channel will broadcast news in 15 local languages throughout the country, from Monday to Friday between 17:00 and 18:00 local time (between the 15: 00 and 16:00 in Lisbon).

For each day, news will be transmitted in three languages, to make up 15 languages in the five days of the issue in these languages.

“The issue in Mozambican languages will broaden the space for democratic and citizen participation of Mozambicans,” added Claudio Jone.

The Republic of Mozambique states in its Constitution of the Republic that Portuguese is the official language of the territory, but it points out in the constitutional text that it promotes the appreciation of Mozambican languages.

TVM delegations in the provinces have been broadcasting in the most widely spoken languages of each of the regions since 2003, but only for local telescopes with a very limited radius.

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