Teleworking did not affect productivity and motivation of technology professionals

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Teleworking did not change productivity and employees are willing to continue in this format. This is one of the conclusions of a survey of Xpand IT employees, a Portuguese technology company specializing in Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Middleware, CRM, Mobile and AI.

Xpand IT already has more than 350 employees and has continued to recruit, a growth that has not slowed down even in times of pandemic. Since March 2020, employees of Portuguese technology have been telecommuting and the company has listened to its employees to seek to understand the impact of these changes.

Most employees pointed out that the company’s culture was focused on remote and flexible work, allowing its functions to be fully fulfilled in this format. In addition, respondents also consider themselves prepared to continue working remotely (4.4 – on a scale of 1 to 5).

Although the survey identified the absence, the close and personal contact with co-workers in the office as less positive, the remote work also brought benefits and achievements (more than 90 people admit having more time for the family).

“Since March 2020, our lives have changed, on several levels. At Xpand IT, teleworking was not new, but we tried to listen to our employees and understand the real impact of these contingencies not only on their professional performance, but also on a personal level. It is, therefore, with satisfaction that we see that the adaptation to remote work was, in fact, fast and fluid and that the motivation of our Xpanders was not affected”, says Rui Maia, Senior Partner and CHRO at Xpand IT.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Xpand IT has put in place several measures to contribute to a quick adaptation to teleworking, including a physical and mental health plan; home gym sessions, with physical exercise sessions in remote format, in partnership with Personal Trainers; possibility of participating in a set of psychotherapy sessions with specialized monitoring; digital events, such as All Hands/Kick-off, on a more regular basis. In addition, all employees also received a “Home Office” voucher worth €250.00 to reimburse the purchase of equipment for the offices in their homes.

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