Teleworking in virtual debate at Piaget

This Thursday, the 17th, Piaget Institute promotes a virtual round table dedicated to the theme “Telework, the new organizational paradigm”.

As part of the Piaget Digital Talks cycle, the event is scheduled to start at 9:30 pm and can be followed through the Institute’s social networks. Piaget Digital Talks are held weekly, on Thursday, establishing itself as a forum dedicated to the debate and sharing of best practices on the most current and relevant topics in the digital universe.

This week, participants will focus their interventions on the long-term impacts and consequences of teleworking, an organizational model that has broken out of organizations’ daily lives, accelerated dramatically by the current Covid-19 pandemic. If, initially, teleworking was forced, causing a disruptive change, now organizations find advantages in this way of working.

According to most studies and surveys published in recent months, the majority of business leaders intend to adopt teleworking in a structural way, whenever possible, even after the pandemic. In most cases, the idea will be to move to a mixed regime, maintaining a few days of work at home and other days at the company.

Open questions remain essential to the employment relationship, such as the need to ensure the monitoring of workers, both in terms of productivity, individual motivation and emotional connection to the organization. Other complementary issues are also of key importance, such as making work and family life compatible, individual work organization or the need to respect those who want to go back to the office every day.

The panel of guests for this Piaget Digital Talk is composed by Helena Ferro de Gouveia, communication director of the Bel group; Nuno Santos, Public Sector Senior Manager at Amazon Web Services; and João Bogalho, professor at the Piaget Institute, specialized in the area of ​​human resources management. The moderation of the debate will be in charge of Teresa Almeida, coordinator of the Higher Professional Technical Course (CTeSP) of Advisory and Administrative Management given at the Almada campus of the Institute, and of a student of the same course.

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