Telma Monteiro and Catarina Costa finish Doha Masters in fifth place

On the first day of competition, aimed at the lighter categories, Portugal had three judo athletes in action, including Telma Monteiro, the only Portuguese with medals in the competition, one gold (2011), one silver (2012), and two bronze (2013 and 2019).

Telma Monteiro was unable to repeat the previous successes, in a course that resulted in three victories, against Sabrina Filzmoser (29th), Ghofran Khelifi (36th) and Cheb-Ling Lien (12th), and two defeats, with Sarah Leonie Cysique (seventh) and Nora Gjakova (fifth).

Telma Monteiro’s two defeats took place against better-ranked opponents, in the first, with the Frenchwoman Cysique, with the Portuguese having to go out to bandage her head, hurt, and in the second in front of a rival with whom she had only won two out of seven matches.

For the bronze award, Telma Monteiro still took the match, very balanced, to the gold point, but Gjakova guaranteed the triumph, by ‘waza ari’, when 1.38 minutes of the ‘extra time’ had elapsed.

Catarina Costa (eighth in the ‘ranking’), exempted in the first round, only had four matches, in a category that had 24 judo athletes, and in which she was unlucky enough to find the world leader, Kosovar Distria Krasniqi, and the number two, the Ukrainian Daria Bilodid.

Telma Monteiro and Catarina Costa leave the Doha Masters with 648 points, which allow them to rule out worse results in the sum for the Olympic qualification and with the possibility of rising in the ‘ranking’, in which they are in an eligible area for Tokyo2020, a test postponed to 2021.

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