Telmo Pires returns to the stage on June 25

The 25th of June will be marked by the return to the stages of the fado singer Telmo Pires, one of the most charismatic artists in the current Portuguese music scene.

Telmo Pires takes the stage of the prestigious Portuguese music festival “Artes à Vila” in the Imperfect Chapels of the Monastery of Batalha. “Artes à Vila” takes place on the 25th and 26th of June with live attendance and live-streaming. Telmo Pires will end the night of the first day of the festival on the 25th with a flourish, Dulce Pontes will perform on the second day on the 26th, and will end the “Artes à Vila”.

On the 3rd of July, the Municipal Theater of his homeland – Bragança, will host the presentation of his latest album “ATRAVÉS DO FADO”.

An album that goes beyond Fado, and includes themes by Telmo Pires, such as “Once upon a time”, “Only my song”, and you can hear the traditional fados and the themes of homage to Carlos do Carmo and to Maria Guinot.

“Through the fado” had its debut in Germany, on a tour of seven concerts that culminated in the capital, in Berlin, in the auditorium of one of the most emblematic music halls in the world: the “Berliner Philharmonie” with sold out.

With Rui Poço on the Portuguese guitar (Bruno Chaveiro on the 25th of June), Miguel Silva on the viola and Pedro Sousa on the bass.

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