Telmo Pires with new album “Através do Fado” for sale today

After ‘Fado Promessa’ in 2012 and ‘Ser Fado’ in 2015, “Através do Fado” is the third album recorded and produced in Portugal.

Here Telmo Pires, also assumes the responsibility of co-producer, alongside Davide Zaccaria, musician, and producer of previous albums.

In recent years, Telmo Pires has been conquering the public and the media throughout Europe, his name is associated not only with a new voice but also with a new image and posture in contemporary Fado.

The fado singer takes on a very intimate and own creative process.

Telmo Pires confides that his art stems from his growth as an artist and as a human being: «Everything I do is, and always has been a very organic evolution. Whether in my artistic career or in my personal life. Each new job also reflects a new point of view, a new brand in my life. I see life, art, love, “my” city through my own Fado. Hence the album title. »

A fado/destiny that made him leave his native Bragança for Germany, still with a few years to live.

In Bairro da Graça, one of the most typical of Lisbon, he found the appeasement and anxiety so unique to Fado.

It is this unique feeling, in symbiosis with the cosmopolitan experience of central Europe, that makes Telmo Pires fill rooms across the Old Continent.

“Através do Fado” is a pure album.

The fadista preferred to record in a live studio, with the musicians who accompanied him on stage and always under the guidance of Davide Zaccaria.

Telmo Pires confesses that this is the simplest and most direct way to “transport” his Fado in its essence.

The capture of the moment, as if it were a photograph, of a man who sees and accepts, who is made up of all the experiences, hurts and joys of the past, but who cannot and does not want to ignore the most important thing: the present.

The new album also includes several contemporary authors. An example of this, the beautiful poem “Without weight or measure” by Tiago Torres da Silva, sung in “Fado Cravo” by Alfredo Marceneiro, or “I am not born of Fado” by the singer, singer, and friend Ana Laíns.

Telmo sings these verses in Mário José Lopes’s “Fado Lopes”, which gain maximum expression and seem to have been created for him, for his way and way of interpreting.

With “Através do Fado”, Telmo Pires stresses, in an impressive way, the special place he occupies in the universe of contemporary Fado.

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