Temperatures will stay high at least until the weekend

Maximum temperatures will remain high on the mainland at least until the weekend, a situation that results from the anticyclone positioned in the Atlantic that is blocking the passage of frontal undulations, according to meteorologist Maria João Frada.

The maximum and expected temperatures can contribute, according to the meteorologist, to the existence of heat waves.

“This year we have always had very dry weather, with anticyclones blocking the passage of the frontal undulations that would be usual for winter and even spring. At this moment, we have the anticyclone southwest of the British Isles that extends its influence toward the Azores “, said.

The meteorologist at the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) explained that in recent months the anticyclone is positioned over the Atlantic, over the interior of the European continent that extends its influence to mainland Portugal.

“This influence always gives rise to an easterly wind with a continental route. Regardless of position, it has been blocking the passage of frontal systems. It has been doing this blockade and unfortunately that is what is going to happen in the coming days, not being foreseen precipitation with some abundance, “he said.

Maria João Frada recalled that in the spring of 2018, the months of January and February were dry, but after that, from February 28, frontal undulations started to begin, and with depression came the precipitation that lasted until late spring and early summer.

“Thus, for the next few days, we will continue with dry weather, with a wind from the eastern quadrant, with continental and relatively hot land at this time of year. The wind will blow more intensely on the south coast of the Algarve, being moderate to strong with gusts of around 65 kilometers per hour, which is generating strong maritime agitation, “he said.

The IPMA issued a yellow warning for the district of Faro due to the forecast of waves with 2 to 4 meters with a tendency to lower to 2 to 3 meters.

“Regarding temperatures, we are above average values ​​for this time of year from the 22nd and will stay at least until the weekend. There are no major changes taking a small drop from the minimum point in the southern region on the day tomorrow of the order of 2-3 degrees Celsius, “he said.

According to Maria João Frada, the maximum temperatures will vary between 20 and 25/26 degrees in the generality of the territory, being compatible with an advanced spring that is giving rise to values ​​above the usual for this time of the year.

“We have a heat wave whenever we have six consecutive days in which the maximums are higher by 5 degrees to the values average for a given season. In most seasons, we already have the contribution to this situation, “he said.

The meteorologist said that the weather will keep dry with some cloudiness today and tomorrow.

“During the weekend there will be some downpours in the interior north and center, but it is still a possibility. The occurrence will be very scarce and will not reverse the drought situation that we are having,” he concluded.

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