“Terceiro Turno”, with international premiere in Egypt

Mário Macedo’s new short film was selected for the category of short films at the 43rd edition of the Cairo International Festival.

The only Portuguese film selected in this edition of the Cairo International Film Festival, in Egypt, “TERCEIRO TURNO”, will have its international premiere on November 30, 2021; after having been awarded in July this year, with the prize for best Portuguese director, at the 29th edition of the Vila do Conde Curtas Festival.

The short film was born from the desire to return home. Being from a small village in the north of Portugal, making a film about his own reality was, more than a choice, a need of the director.

Heavily industrialized, the area is home to a river of workers who every day face the inevitable course of a routine that fades the prospect of a future. This rural-industrial area – a kind of dormitory – is a mixture of two phases: one in eternal contact with the land and the other with capitalism that forces sacrifices in favour of a better life, which never arrives.

Based on the unconditional love of a family that accepts suffering as the basis of the human condition, the characters portrayed in this film are in no way different from the director’s reality.

A mirror of very particular lives, of their existential impotence and imposed passivity that is invariably accepted until the end.

Also, for this reason, Mário Macedo, decided to use his own family and childhood friends to tell this story: “a contemporary portrait of a proletarian Portugal and the lack of power of its workers, young people and their concerns, loves, adversity and monotony that many life – as I also lived.”, says the director.

In a small village in northern Portugal, Agostinho survives the imprisonment of his routine. One day, he suffers a strange attack outside the factory where he works the night shift. Unable to explain the reason for his condition, he returns home, to his girlfriend, to friends. Suppressing his dreams and worries, Agostinho waits for the night and, with it, another shift.

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