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Teresa Portela and Kevin Santos finish sixth and ninth

This Sunday morning, the last day of the Canoe World Championships taking place in Copenhagen (Denmark), Teresa Portela was sixth in the final of K1 500 meters, while Kevin Santos finished ninth in K1 200 meters.

After finishing fifth in K1 200, her best ever at World Cups, Teresa Portela, 33, finished the race in 1.51.97 minutes, 3.89 seconds behind New Zealand’s Aimee Fisher, new world champion. The Hungarian Tamara Csipes and the Danish Emma Jorgensen completed the podium.

As for Kevin Santos, he finished the K1 200m race in ninth, in 36.44 seconds, 1.65 seconds behind the gold won by Italian Andrea di Liberto.

João Ribeiro (in the final of K1 500 meters), Francisca Laia and Messias Baptista (K2 200 mixed) and Fernando Pimenta (K1 5,000 meters, after winning on Saturday the medal of another in K1 1,000) will still be in action this Sunday.

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