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Teresa Salgueiro presented a Portuguese Christmas

Cinema São Jorge

Cinema São Jorge took place within the scope of EGEAC’s Christmas program, a Christmas concert in Portuguese, to which Teresa Salgueiro dazzled a room filled with Christmas music in Portuguese, and with her unforgettable voice and talent.

Teresa Salgueiro took us in this concert to visit melodies from other times, to our childhood, with musical arrangements created specifically for the classical guitar by José Peixoto, the accordion and voice by Fábio Palma, the bass and voice by Sofia Queirós and the percussions and guitar by Rui Lobato and of course for the voice of Teresa Salgueiro.

Portuguese singer Teresa Salgueiro thanked everyone who came to see this concert, said she had never celebrated Christmas singing these wonderful songs that are lost in the memory of times, in so many regions of the country. the voice and singing of the Portuguese people, he adds that he had never sung in São Jorge and that it was in this room that he saw his first film, “Branca de Neve and the seven dwarfs“.

Teresa Salgueiro > Cinema São Jorge ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.12.19

Between songs, we watched the recordings of beautiful poems by Fernando Pessoa, José Régio and Natália Correia masterfully recited by Maria João Luís.

Teresa reveals that “José embala o menino“, one of the most beautiful, in the singer’s opinion, and the only one, with harmonizing by Eurico Carrapatoso, all the other themes have known harmonies by Fernando Lopes Graça, Mário Sampaio Ribeiro, Coroner de Vasconcelos, among others.

Among the themes that Teresa Salgueiro took to São Jorge, Zeca Afonso was also present, with three themes, “Natal dos simples“, “Menino do Bairro negro” and “Mulher da erva“.

Teresa also thanked the dedication and excellence of the work to the musicians who accompanied her, especially José Peixoto, who already accompanied her on so many stages during the Madredeus years.

It was with “Vi o Menino Jesus” by Amália Rodrigues and Carlos Gonçalves that this excellent concert ended, with the audience following, in one of the most beautiful moments of the night, followed by “Noite Feliz“, the only non-Portuguese song.

Teresa Salgueiro > Cinema São Jorge ©Luís M. Serrão – iNeews < 2021.12.19

Teresa Salgueiro ends by saying, “I appreciate your presence, it’s a joy to see this room with so many people, I know it must be very difficult to see a masked show, but it’s difficult to look at you and not see, we never saw the faces much, And if you can’t even see it now, it’s even better that we have a white thing that reflects the light, they do not quite face’s anyway, thank you for your presence, it’s for you that we’re here, a beautiful Christmas, may it be one more time, in this height I always feel that Christmas, that this night time is suspended, in the union that we have, a time of love, sharing, reflection and preparing for the hard trials that life brings us, but also from the heart open, we always welcome the joys that life has, and they are always on our side, in the closest, it’s there in the other, in contact with each one that the greatest joy is…

With a career spanning over three decades, he has dazzled us with his voice, since he was 17 years old when he was part of the Madredeus group, and for 20 years he took Portuguese music around the world, with whom he recorded 9 original albums. He later collaborated with artists such as José Carreras, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Carlos Núnez, Angelo Branduardi or Zbigniew Preisner.

He has two solo albums “O Horizonte” from 2016 and “O Mistério” from 2012, in which he takes over the production, as well as the musical direction and writing of music and lyrics.

Teresa Salgueiro – Christmas Concert – Setlist
José embala o Menino

Natal de Linhares

Natal da Índia Portuguesa

Natal de Elvas

Olhei para o céu

Nasceu, já nasceu

Do Varão nasceu a vara

Pela noite de Natal

O Menino está dormindo

Sou cigana, sou cigana

Deus nos dê cá as Boas Festas

Natal dos simples
José Afonso

Vi o Menino Jesus
Amália Rodrigues/ Carlos Gonçalves

Menino do bairro negro
José Afonso

Mulher da erva
José Afonso

Noite Feliz

Natal na Província
Fernando Pessoa in ‘Poesias’

Nascença Eterna
José Régio in, ‘Obra Completa’

Em Cruz não Era Acabado
Natália Correia, in ‘O Dilúvio e a Pomba’

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