Teresinha Landeiro presents “Agora” in a memorable night

Teatro Tivoli BBVA

O Tempo passa por nós” (Time passes by us), that’s how Teresinha Landeiro started her concert at the Tivoli, unfortunately, it went too quickly, it was with this feeling that many left the room, after hearing one of the new and best voices of today’s fado.

Cherished by the public since the first minute, she received endless applause from those present at Teatro Tivoli BBVA, where the fado singer presented her latest album “Agora“, which includes songs of her own, started by singing “Fado Tango” and then “O Amor no joke”, the fado singer also thanked the audience for being present and for believing that culture is safe, following with another song from the new album, “Amanhã” and “Teus Olhos nos Meus” from her first album “Namoro“.

Teresinha Landeiro has a very unique way of feeling fado and it is at the fados house Mesa de Frades in Alfama, Lisbon that we can see her weekly, although as a young person she has already been to great stages such as Centro Cultural de Belém and Capitólio in Lisbon and by Casa da Música in Porto, but also by the festivals Caixa Alfama, EDP Fado Café NOS Alive and the by Fado Festival in Bogotá in Colombia, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Seville in Spain.

The fado singer and composer then presented her 3 following fados, all with lyrics by the fado singer and music by Pedro Castro and one of them with the participation of Teresinha and André Ramos, “O mundo“, “O Coração” and “Apenas Sombra“, but about fado “O Mundo” explains the fado singer, it’s a different lyric, it comes after an important trip to Vietnam, and when I was in “Island of the monkeys” on the beach with a friend and concluded, looking at the sky, that I could to be in Portugal, in Arrábida or in the Algarve, to which her Colombian friend said, which would also be the same in Colombia, Teresinha who walked with the phrases in her head “Girava o mundo sem pressa (rotated the world unhurriedly)” and “Na palma da mão de um louco (In the palm of a madman’s hand)” and he thought talking about it, if heaven is the same all over the world, because everyone is always trying to find differences and barriers on earth, why not be more united and that “Bridges were arms to unite without seeing who“.

The concert continued with a traditional fado “Fado Mangala” a debut, the fado singer wrote the lyrics for this concert, on stage Teresinha Landeiro’s companions on this trip were Pedro de Castro on Portuguese Guitar, André Ramos on Viola de Fado and Francisco Gaspar on viola of Fado.

Teresinha Landeiro also took the opportunity to honour the fado singers who most influenced her, two of whom were in the audience at Tivoli, Maria da Fé and João Braga, great interpreters of this very Portuguese musical genre from whom the fado singer confesses to having learned a lot, but two more fado names were in the audience, Hélder and Pedro Moutinho.

In another tribute, sings “Longe de Mais” by Beatriz da Conceição, the fado singer then confesses that before fado many other styles influenced her, that’s why she decided to honour Rui Veloso, also present at Tivoli, someone with whom she learned a lot and with whom she shared many moments, she sings “Todo tempo do Mundo” and very well.

With the concert coming to the end, she sings “Desculpa Amor” with music by Teresinha Landeiro and harmony by João Pedro Coelho, moving on to the album “Namoro” she sings “Naquele dia” which is a “partnership“, uses a poem by Fernando Pessoa with a chorus from Teresinha, “Amor aos Molhos“, “Noite de Santo António” a popular song, which in the album, had a very special guest on the recording of the album Professor Joel Pina.

Before finishing he thanked UAU, Tivoli, Museu do Fado, Rui Guerreiro in sound and lights António Martins, Arruada and Sony Music.

To finish, she sings “Batom” with the best possible chorus, the audience, but of course, the audience wouldn’t let her leave the concert without listening to her a little more, she sings “O Meu Xaile” alone and ends with “Amanhã” whit strong loud applause, in this big night.

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