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Terra Livre the meeting of 2 musicians who “speak the same language”

Centro Cultural de Belém

The CCB hosted Terra Livre, the meeting of GAJO’s Viola Campaniça and Ricardo Vignini’s Viola Caipira, for a concert full of mastery, cultural and language affinities, where the melodies captivate those who listen to them.

Terra Livre took the audience on a journey through the sound of Viola Campaniça and Viola Caipira, which merge perfectly, creating a wonderful harmony, the musicians spoke about the creation of this project and Ricardo said that he was looking for someone who spoke the same language (musical) of his and that he found that person when he met Gajo, another project that was born during the pandemic, which owes a lot of negative things, but this meeting was something fantastic.

The combination of the cultural background, of the sounds that each person brings to each song, results in fantastic songs that the mastery of each person on their guitars, and the empathy between Ricardo and Gajo make it even more brilliant.


The meeting between the Portuguese João Morais better known as O GAJO (Viola Campaniça) and the Brazilian Ricardo Vignini (Viola Caipira) takes place in 2022 through social networks.

A musical tune activated a first contact with Vignini’s participation in GAJO Não Lugar’s 2023 album which quickly turned into a regular exchange of ideas and the desire to cross the two artistic and cultural worlds that characterize these players.

In Brazil, Ricardo Vignini, who has had a solo career spanning 20 years, takes his Viola Caipira on great journeys, from traditional references to more personalized and contemporary approaches. In Portugal, O GAJO, with a journey of 7 years, follows a similar path taking his traditional Viola Campaniça to more urban and current artistic territories inspired by his musical career linked to rock of more than 25 years.

This harmony brings them closer together and the exchange of ideas via the digital world begins to give rise to consistent work that they decide to transform into a collaborative album called Terra Livre.

Terra Livre is Ricardo and João’s exploratory territory, where they expand their creative horizons without pre-defined formulas or rules.

A fantastic concert with the signature Produtores Associados.


  • Terra Livre
  • Corrosão
  • Albatroz
  • Seiva
  • Bandidos (Ricardo a Solo)
  • Jangada
  • Magma (Gajo a solos)
  • Serpente
  • Maria da Manta
  • Rojão

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