Late afternoon gathering on food innovation marks International Youth Day

The theme of the 2021 commemorations of the International Youth Day, defined by the United Nations, is “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”.

Making room for activities aimed at the use of food; circular economy; nutrition, using food from local producers, seasonal and with a low ecological footprint; composting, vertical gardens and other mechanisms where each person can reduce food waste and produce their own food, this year’s International Youth Day highlights the solutions developed by young innovators to address the challenges of our food systems. The fight against inequalities in food security, the loss of biodiversity, threats to the environment and much more involves young people.

The Municipality of Porto decided to join the activity proposed by the Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth to, together with the National Youth Council, the National Federation of Youth Associations and Lipor, organize an “end-afternoon gathering” at the Praça Gomes Teixeira (Praça dos Leões, next to the Rectory), from 5:30 pm.

Following the theme “The Food Cycle”, the conversation is shared by Cláudia Afonso, nutritionist and professor at the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Sciences of the University of Porto; Carolina Batista, representative of Too Good to Go, an organization that deals with the donation of food surpluses; Cristina Ferreira, from Lipor; Maria Antónia Pereira, participant in the “Horta à Porta” project; and Daniel Freitas, deputy vice president of the Porto Chamber.

The meeting intends to “appeal for greater awareness of ways to reduce the food ecological footprint, encouraging the adoption of more innovative and healthy lifestyles, ecologically sustainable and capable of reducing food waste and costs with current supply chains, in a informal conversation, exchange of experiences and sharing of knowledge”.

The event will include tasting a snack and a healthy drink. At 7pm there will be a performance, in streaming, by the American hip-hop musician, Anthony Parker, known as Wordsmith.

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